First cross ewes still strong at top of $431


These first cross ewes from Ararat were SIL to White Suffolks and sold for $431.

First cross ewes had another great push on AuctionsPlus with clearance rates hitting 93% and prices ranging from $261 to $431, averaging $376, up $11.

A line of 235 19-21-month-old SIL BL/Mer ewes weighing 74kgs achieved the top price. Offered by A/c ‘Gonlin P/LTD’ from Tatyoon, VIC these ewes are 3 months SIL to White Suffolk rams.

Another highlight came from A/c ‘DB & RA Munro’ from Daysdale, NSW with their line of 151 SIL BL/Mer ewes. The 13-16-month-old ewes weigh 63kgs, have 2-3” skin on their back, are SIL to Poll Dorset Rams and sold for $422.

Merino ewe lambs sold from $160 to $301, averaging $231, up $28 on last week. Numbers were also up 2,506 with 7,881 offered across the category, however clearance rate fell slightly to 65%.

The top price went to a line of 61kg 12-month-old Merino ewe lambs from Nhill, VIC 2-3” skins on their backs and were offered by A/c ‘RJ & CM Eastick’. Another highlight includes A/c ‘Kalisch Pastoral Co’, returning a line of 9-10-month-old future breeder ewe lambs weighing 36kgs.

Merino ewe hoggets sold from $111 to $327, averaging $234, down $32, yet hitting a 96% clearance. A/c ‘Amery Ag’ from Forbes, NSW, offered the top priced line across 3 lots sold as a run out of the gate.

The 600 Charinga and Langdene blood Merino ewe hoggets, aged 22-24-months-old, weighing 58kgs have 1.5-2” skin on their backs. They have been joined to North South Border Leicester rams and are heading to Wagga Wagga, NSW and Euroa, VIC.

Prices for young Merino breeders (2-4 years) were firm, selling from $202 to $310, averaging $264, up $4 on last week. A/c ‘Butt Farms’ offered the top price line with 440 SIL ewes from Woottating, WA.

These 2-3-year-old ewes weigh 54kgs, have 1/4” skins and are SIL to Stockdale and Pedaga White Suffolk rams. Other highlights were a line of 2.6-3.6-year-old, 58kgs, Thalabah and Bundaleer blood ewes with 1.5-2” skin offered by A/c ‘Carinya’ from Laggan, NSW selling for $307.

Proven Merino breeders (4+ years) sold from $181 to $370, averaging $253, down $8. Clearance rates were up 17% to hit 96% across the category. From Forbes, NSW, A/c ‘Brackmann Trading’ offered a line of 215, 3.8-4.8-year-old SIL poll Merino ewes.

Weighing 65kgs, these Haddon Rig blood ewes have 3” skin on their back and are SIL to Poll Dorset rams. A line of 135 Merino ewes with lambs at foot, from Manoora, SA offered by A/c ‘Dunira Prime Lamb’ sold for $330. These Moorundie blood ewes weigh 64kgs, have 1-1.5” skins and have lambs at foot sired by White Suffolk and Dorset rams.

Merino wether lamb numbers were up again this week with 16,011 head on offer. Prices ranged from $113 to $189, averaging $158, down $4 on last week. Top price was achieved out of Cooma, NSW by A/c ‘MAF & KL Hedger’ with a line of 95 Round Plain blood, store wether lambs weighing in at 49kgs, with a 2-2.5” skin on their back. Further highlights from Cooma saw A/c ‘P & M Sands’ return $181 for their line of 225 8-9-month-old, 42kgs, Monaro blood Merino store wether lambs, with a 2-2.5” skin.

Merino wethers sold from $150 to $181, averaging $167, firm on last week. The top price was achieved by A/c ‘Kiah Lake Pastoral Co’ from Cooma, NSW with their line of 395 Richmond blood woolgrower wethers, rising 5 years old and weighing 51kgs. They have 1” skin on their back and are heading to Cootamundra, NSW.

First cross ewe lambs saw a 79% clearance rate across the category with prices ranging from $226 to $387, jumping $13 to average $313.

The top price went to a line of 200 BL/Mer ewe lambs weighing 72kgs from Coolamon, NSW offered by A/c ‘A & C Cumming’. These Apr/May ’19 drop lambs have 1.5-2” skins and will make the journey to Girral, NSW.

Numbers were slightly up in Western Australia with a total offering of 7,233 head, up 939 on last week. Achieving an 75% clearance rate only 1 line stayed in the state with the rest making the journey east to VIC or NSW.

Again Merino ewe lambs were the largest stock category on offer with prices ranging between $200 to $241, averaging $230, up $24. From Kalgarin, WA A/c ‘WH & S Henderson & Son’ offered the top priced line with 560 future breeder ewe lambs, 12-months-old and weighing 50kgs.

The Eastville Park blood ewe lambs will make the journey to Grenfell, NSW. Following closely behind was a line of 231 future breeder ewe lambs offered by A/c ‘Jucasta Farm Pty Ltd’ out of Esperance, WA. These weigh in at 49kgs, are Mar/Apr ’19 drop and will be heading to Scone, NSW.

For the third week in a row Tasmanian sheep hit 100% clearance across the 803 head on offer. The top price out of the sale was achieved by A/c ‘Wesley Dale Strowan Enterprises’ out of Nile, Tas with a line of 225 Cloven Hills future breeder ewe lambs. They are 7-8-month-old and weigh in at 43kgs. They have 0.5-1” skin on their backs and are heading to Wallendbeen, NSW.

Store lamb numbers eased again this week although demand remained strong with an 87% clearance, selling 2,743 head. Prices were up by 13c, selling between 385c to 577c, averaging 498c. Some of the highlights include:

– Oct/Nov ’19 drop – 30kg 1st X Poll Dorset/Merino mixed sex store lambs from HUMULA, New South Wales sold for $172 or 577c

– Jan ’20 drop – 30kg 2nd X White Suffolk/Poll Merino mixed sex store lambs from COOTAMUNDRA, New South Wales sold for $170 or 559c

-Aug/Sep ’19 drop – 28kg 1st X Merino/Border Leicester mixed sex store lambs from LONGREACH, Queensland sold for $155 or 552c

– Sep/Oct ’19 drop – 36kg 2nd X Border Leicester/Merino/Charolais mixed sex store lambs from EUCHAREENA, New South Wales sold for $196 or 543c

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