Joined heifers jump by $340 to average $1962

PTIC-heifers-HolbrookPTIC heifers achieved a big increase of $340 to average $1,962, selling between $1,370 and $2,530 on AuctionsPlus last week.

From Holbrook, NSW a line of 12 PTIC Angus heifers (pictured), offered by A/c ‘Koombahola Trust’ attained the highest price.

The Ardrossan and Dunoon blood heifers weigh 559kgs, are 21-22 months old and will travel to nearby Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Another notable highlight is the large line of PTIC heifers from Ballan, VIC split into several lots which sold between $2,270 and $2,490.

The top priced lot of the offering was 36 EU accredited, PTIC Angus heifers, weighing 556kgs, 23 months old with Te Mania and Renylea bloodlines.

PTIC cows jumped $211 to average $2,064, selling between $1,520 and $2,680. The top price was achieved by a line of 16 PTIC Te Mania blood Angus cows offered by A/c ‘DA & S Chisholm’ from Adelong, NSW.

The EU accredited cows weigh 700kgs, are rising 6 year old 58-59 months old and are PTIC to registered Te Mania bulls. From Guyra, NSW 19 PTIC Angus cows, 493kgs, 3.5 to 4 years old, sold for $2,510 and will travel to Scone in the Hunter region of NSW.


Cows with calves at foot continued the dearer market trend for the breeding stock categories. They sold between $2,360 and $3,030 to average $2,653, up $330 from last week.

The top price was achieved by 7 NSM Angus/Hereford X heifers and 7 calves, offered by A/c ‘Midvale P/L’ from Walla Walla, NSW. The heifers are 30-32 months old, weigh 438kgs and have 2-8 week old CAF which weigh 85kgs and are sired by Angus bulls.

From Forbes, NSW a line of 5 PTIC Angus cows & calves sold for $2,810. The cows are PTIC to Moongenilla Angus bulls, weigh 456kgs and are 5-5.5 years old with 6-8 month old CAF.

There were 5,524 steers offered this week which sold to strong demand, achieving an 87% clearance rate. Steers weighing under 200kgs sold between 427c and 654c to average 524c, down 41c.

The top price was offered by A/c ‘Woodstock P’Ship’ from Tooma, NSW with their line of 89 Poll Hereford steers. The Wiruna blood steers weigh 170kgs, are 9-10 months old and will travel to Mudgee, NSW.

Steers weighing 200-280kgs averaged 477c as prices ranged from 383c to 591c, 10c dearer than last week. A line of 31 Angus steers vealers offered by A/c ‘Banalasta Farming Pty Ltd’ from Bendemeer, NSW achieved the highest price. The Nairn Park blood steer calves weigh 205kgs, are 6-8 months old and will remain in the region, travelling to nearby Tamworth, NSW.

Prices for steers weighing 280-330kgs were up 29c with an average of 437c, selling between 385c and 509c. The top price hailed from Khancoban in the Riverina region of NSW with a line of 15 Angus steers offered by A/c ‘CH & GK Barlee’. The Llandarlo blood steers are 8-10 months old, weigh 281kgs and will travel across the border to Cudgewa in North East VIC.

Feeder steers weighing 330-400kgs sold between 300c and 457c to average 408c, back 2c. From Meandarra in the Sunshine State, a line of 96 Angus backgrounder steers sold for the highest price. A/c ‘Ames Pastoral Company Pty Ltd’ offered 15-20 month old steers that weigh 337kgs and will travel to Elbow Valley, QLD.

The limited number of heavy steers weighing 400kgs on offer resulted in an increase of 28c on last week to average 404c, selling between 382c and 410c.

The top priced lot was achieved by a line of 52 Santa and Santa X steers offered by A/c ‘Secret Plains Stock Management Tags’ from Dirranbandi, QLD. The EU accredited steers weigh 425kgs, are 14-20 months old and are heading south to Burra in SA.

Heifers also experienced dearer price trends for the 4,707 head offered online. Light heifers weighing under 200kgs sold between 463c and 593c to average 565c, up 32c from last week. From Uralla, NSW a line of 150 Hereford and Hereford X heifers offered by A/c ‘Poverty Pastoral’ achieved the top price of the category. The heifers weigh 186kgs, are 5-11 months old and will travel to Mudgee, NSW.

Heifers weighing 200-280kgs increased 32c to average 441c, with prices ranging from 339c to 582c. The top price was achieved by A/c ‘P, JB & MP Neiberding’ from Coonabarabran, NSW with their line of 50 Angus heifers. The EU accredited heifers weigh 232kgs, are 8 to 10 months old and will head to Aberdeen in the Hunter region of NSW.

The heifers weighing 280-330kgs sold between 367c and 486c to average 420c, 11c dearer than last week. The highest price of the category was attained by a line of 31 Angus heifers offered by A/c ‘Mt Bred Angus’ from Oberon, NSW. The Rennylea blood heifers weigh 286kgs and are 9-10 months old.

Feeder heifers weighing 330-400kgs increased 4c to average 391c with prices ranging between 374c and 418c. The top price hailed from Shepparton, VIC with a line of Charolais X heifers offered by A/c ‘ID & ER Holdsworth’.  The vendor bred heifers weigh 358kgs, are 14-15 months old and will travel to Moama, NSW.

Heavy heifers weighing over 400kgs sold between 365c and 397c to average 381c, up 14c. The highest priced lot was a line of 24 NSM Angus heifers offered by A/c ‘A & D Sofra’ from Mundoona, VIC. The future breeders weigh 409kgs are 14-15 months old and are of Lawson & Paringa bloodlines.

The Tasmanian Cattle sale this week saw numbers remain firm with a total yarding of 410 head and 100% clearance.
Of the 15 lots offered, 6 will be heading across the Bass Strait into Victoria. Weaned and unweaned steers sold between $930 and $1,340 to average $1,127, holding firm on last week. A/c ‘A.O McKinnon’ achieved the top price with a line of 9-11 month old Angus weaned steers weighing 325kgs which are heading to Victoria.
Weaned and unweaned heifers sold between $850 and $1,070 to average $107 easier than last week at $981. The top line hailed from Elliott, TAS with 7-9 month old Angus unweaned heifers weighing 280kgs offered by A/c ‘Hazelbury Farm’.
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