Cow and calf price correction following phenomenal run

Cows-Texas-QldPTIC cows sold from $1,410 to $2,690 to average $1,935, back $117 on last week.

The top price went to a line of Angus cows (pictured) offered by A/c ‘Magill Pty Ltd’ from Texas, QLD. These 3-5-year-old cows weigh 551kgs and are PTIC to Angus bulls. From Walcha, NSW A/c ‘Queenscairn’ offered, a line of mixed age, Angus and Angus cross cows which sold for $2320; they weigh 719kgs and are PTIC to Angus and Charolais bulls.

There was a reduced offering of PTIC heifers this week although prices remained firm selling from $1,500 to $2,560, averaging $1,907, back $8. A/c ‘Burnside’ from Traralgon, VIC offered the top priced lot with a line of 21-22-month-old Angus heifers.

These Rennylea and Hazeldean blood heifers weigh 527kgs, are PTIC to Angus bulls and will head to Cooma, NSW.

Cows with calves at foot sold from $1,330 to $3,280, averaging $2,195 correcting $458 after weeks of phenomenal prices.

From Walcha, NSW A/c ‘Merrigang Pastoral Co’ offered a line of rising 3-year-old cows with 2-4-month-old calves at foot achieved the top price. Weighing 501kgs, these Angus cows with Hazeldean blood have 120kgs CAF and will remain locally, heading to Tamworth, NSW.

There was an increased offering of steers this week with 7,029 head listed, an increase of 1,505, which achieved a 74% clearance rate. Light steers under 200kgs sold from 411c to 671c, averaging 558c, up 34c.

From Armidale, NSW A/c ‘Wards Mistake Pastoral Company’ offered a line of 158kgs Angus steers which achieved the top price. These steers are 7-8 months old and have Glenavon, Eastern Plains and Bald Blair blood.

Steers weighing 200-280kgs sold from 353c to 600c, to average 438c, easing 39c. The top price went to a line of 5-month-old Angus steers from Boorowa, NSW by A/c ‘SGK Pastoral’; they weigh 215kgs and have Wirruna blood. From Casterton, VIC by A/c ‘Magic Park’ a line of Angus steers sold for 549c. These 8-9-month-old steers have Coffin Creek blood and weigh 242kgs.

Steers weighing 280-330kgs sold from 371c to 481c, averaging 427c, back 10c on last week. From Grong Grong, NSW by A/c ‘MS Henwood Family Trust’ a run of 13-15-month-old Angus steers, weighing 303kgs, topped the category. A/c ‘Lombard Farms Pty Ltd’ from Warren, NSW offered a line of 11-12-month-old Angus steers, weighing 324kgs which sold for 469c.

Feeder steers weighing 330-400kgs sold from 361c to 459c, averaging 407c, firm on last week. Topping the category was a line of 12-13-month-old Angus steers offered by A/c ‘BT & MJ Boyd’ from Tumut, NSW; these Bongongo blood steers weigh 342kgs.

Heavy steers weighing over 400kgs sold from 335c to 436c, correcting 23c to average 381c. Weighing 430kgs, the top price went to a line of 14-15-month-old Angus steers with Merridale and Connamara blood from Avenel, VIC offered by A/c ‘Hulio Pty Ltd’.

Heifer numbers also increased this week with 6,665 head offered, 1,958 more than last week. Light heifers under 200kgs sold from 385c to 603c, averaging 484c, easing 81c. A/c ‘Wards Mistake Pastoral Company’ from Armidale, NSW offered the top priced line with 7-8-month-old Angus heifers. Weighing 151kgs, these heifers have Glenavon, Eastern Plains and Bald Blair blood.

Heifers weighing 200-280kgs sold from 285c to 513c, averaging 389c, back 52c on last week. A line of 6-9-month-old Charolais and Angus cross heifers weighing 213kgs topped the category, offered by A/c ‘Wallanbah Cattle Co’ from Gloucester. From Thallon, QLD, by A/c ‘Bullamon Plains Pastoral’ a line of 9-11-month-old Angus heifers weighing 237kgs with Glenoch and Hazeldean blood sold for 485c.

Heifers weighing 280-330kgs also saw a price correction, back 21c to average 399c, selling from 299c to 519c. The top price went to a line of 11-12-month-old Shorthorn heifers offered by A/c ‘Mullah Station Pastoral’ from Trangie, NSW. These heifers have Marrington bloodlines and weigh 326kgs.

Feeder heifers weighing 330-400kgs eased 11c to average 380c, selling between 326c and 437c. A line of 14-15-month-old heifers topped the category, they were offered by A/c ‘The Clarke Family Trust’ weighing 398kg and bred from Reiland blood.

Heavy heifers weighing over 400kgs jumped 23c to average 404c, selling from 331c to 425c. A/c ‘Caradoc Park’ from Mullaley, NSW offered the top priced line with 18-23-month-old Angus heifers. These heifers have Eaglehawk, Ben Nevis and Eastern Plains blood and weigh 407kgs.

Across the Bass Strait in Tasmania, this week saw an exciting sale result of 100% clearance for the 270 head offered. Two lines of cow & calf units were sold, both achieving $2,360. Offered by A/c ‘Bayswater Red Angus’ at Somerset a line of mixed age NSM Red Angus cows weigh 592kgs, with CAF by Red Angus bulls weighing 136kgs, they will remain on the island, heading to Sheffield.

From Mole Creek by A/c ‘Intasol P/L’ a line of 8-year-old NSM Murray Grey cows weighing 701kgs, with CAF by Shorthorn bulls weighing 140kgs, will be travelling north to Undera, VIC. Heifers sold from $700 to $1,510, averaging $1,211.

The top price was achieved by a line of 16-20-month-old Limousin/Angus feeder heifers weighing 469kgs offered by A/c ‘Radford Harvesting’ in Moriarty, they will also be heading to Victoria.

Looking West another exciting sale also resulted in a 100% clearance among the 115 head offering. Three lines of slaughter cows were offered selling for 547c to 549c dressed. The top price went to a line of 8-10-year-old Angus cows weighing 261kgs dressed offered by A/c ‘MR & EM Walker’ at Balingup.

Weaners sold from $922 to $1160, averaging $1018. A/c ‘MR & EM Walker’ offered the line topping this category as well with 15 9-10-month-old Angus mixed sex weaners weighing 312kgs.


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