Joined female numbers increase to average $2055

Cows-PTIC-walchaPTIC cows were up in numbers last week to see an offering of 2,123 head with prices ranging from $1,280 to $2,720, averaging $2,055, up $109 on last.

The top price was achieved by a line of rising 3 year old Angus cows weighing 576kgs.

Offered by A/c ‘Emu Creek Estate PTY LTD’ from Walcha, NSW, the cows (pictured) are 5-7 months PTIC to Angus bulls and will travel to Gunnedah, NSW.

The same vendors also offered a similar line of rising 4 year old PTIC Angus cows which also achieved the top price. Weighing 605kgs, these cows are 5-7 months PTIC to Angus bulls and will travel to Clifton, QLD.

PTIC heifers sold between $1,350 and $2,525, averaging $1,803, up $153. A/c ‘Reiland Angus’ from Dunedoo, NSW, offered the top priced lot of 22 PTIC Angus heifers. The Reiland blood heifers are 21-22 months, weighing 482kgs, 5-8 months in calf and will head to Singleton, NSW. From Tamleugh, VIC, a line of rising 2 year old, Lawson blood Angus heifers, weighing 559kgs sold for $2,360.

Cows with CAF were in high demand with prices ranging between $1,280 and $3,060 to average $2,602, up $268 on last.

The highest price was achieved by A/c ‘Ban Wyong Pastoral’ from Ben Lomond, NSW who offered 24 NSM Angus cows with 24 calves. The 3-5 year old cows have Coffin Creek, Wattletop and Te Mania bloodlines and their 7-13 week old CAF weighing 124kgs are by Coffin Creek Angus bulls.

From Redesdale, VIC a line of 9 NSM Cows and calves, 2-2.5 years of age, weighing 602kgs, of Glendan Park blood sold for $2,800.

Steer numbers deceased this week with 4,196 head offered, 2,561 less than last. Weaner steers dropped in clearance from 82% last week to 68%. Light steers under 200kgs sold between  412c and 583c to average 493c, up 9c.

The top price was achieved by a run out of the gate line of 78 Angus steers offered by A/c ‘Red Island Beef’ in Bundarra, NSW. The Booroomooka and Wattletop Angus blood steers are 9-10 months old, weigh 197kgs and will travel to Wollomombi, NSW.

Steers weighing 200-280kgs were priced between 339c and 619c, averaging 455c, firm on last week. From Singleton, NSW, A/c ‘Diamond Jay Management’ offered 50 weaned Angus steers of Rennylea and Dunoon blood.

The steers are 8-9 months old, weigh 205kgs and will travel to Goulburn, NSW. Another highlight saw a line of Angus steers, 8-10 months, weighing 217kgs from Forbes, NSW, selling for 541c.

Steers, 280-330kgs, sold between 363c to 481c to average 438c, gaining 7c. The top price hailed from Moss Vale, NSW as A/c ‘Grasmere Charolais Stud’ offered 12 Angus X Charolais unweaned steers. These steers are 9-10 months old, weigh 314kgs and will head to Bungedore, NSW. From Moutajup, VIC a line of 37 Angus steers, 11-12 months, weighing 282kgs sold for 461c.

Feeder steers weighing 330-400kgs achieved prices ranging from 395c to 451c, averaging 421c, up 12c on last. From Culcairn, NSW, 21 Angus X Shorthorn feeder steers offered by A/c ‘S & J Pitson’ achieved the highest price.

The Rennylea Angus and Sprys Shorthorn blood steers are 10-11 months old, weigh 369kgs and will travel to Docker, VIC. Another highlight was a line of 20 Hereford steers of Yukon Park blood, 10-11 months, weighing 349kgs selling for 424c.

Heavy steers 400kgs+ sold between 374c and 433c, averaging 393c. The top price was achieved by A/c ‘Jeramanda Partnership’ who offered a line of 76 weaned Angus steers. The Trio blood steers are 9-12 months, weigh 413kgs and will head to Quirindi, NSW.

3,064 heifers were offered this week, 3,153 less than last. Demand for weaner heifers followed in a similar pattern to weaner steers, achieving a 64% clearance, down on last weeks 92%.

Light heifers weighing under 200kgs sold between 444c and 576c, averaging 482c, down 7c on last. The top price was achieved by a line 48 Angus heifers, offered by A/c ‘Diamond Jay Management’ from Singleton, NSW.

The Rennylea and Dunoon blood heifers are 8-9 months old, weigh 189kgs and will travel to Moonan Flat, NSW. From Forbes, NSW, a line of 35 Angus steers of Te Mania blood, 8-10 months, weighing 202kgs sold for 509c.

Heifers weighing 200-280kgs were back by 7c to average 429c as prices ranged between 350c and 512c. From Nundle, NSW, A/c ‘Timor Cattle’ offered the top priced lot with 71 Angus and Angus X heifers. The weaned heifers are 8-12 months old, weigh 238kgs and are heading to Gungal, NSW. Another highlight is a line of 34 angus heifers, 9-11 months old, weighing 242kgs, from Glen Innes, NSW, selling for 490c.

Heifers 280-330kgs sold between 368c and 468c, averaging 403, up 13c. The top price hailed from Manildra, NSW as A/c ‘M & M Jelley’ offered 20 Red Angus heifers. The Annandale Red Angus stud blood heifers are 9-11 months old, weigh 297kgs and are heading to Mendooran, NSW. From Scone, NSW, a line of 24 NSM future breeder heifers, 14-16 months, weighing 339kgs, sold for 454c.

Feeder heifers 330-400kgs sold between 360c and 466c, averaging 387c, up 14c on last. From Muttama, NSW, A/c ‘D Crawford’ offered a line of 36 NSM Charolais heifers achieving the highest price of the category. The Wakefield Charolais blood future breeders are 16-19 months old, weigh 378kgs and will travel to Greendale, NSW. From Somerton, NSW, A/c ‘M Greenaway’ offered a line of 29 Shorthorn NSM future breeders, 10-13 months, weighing 375kgs, selling for 409c.

Looking to Tasmania, this week saw a strong sale achieving a 92% clearance rate among the 262 head offered.

From Upper Stowport in North Western Tasmania a line of Angus/Friesian PTIC heifers returned $1,650. Offered by A/c ‘GM & AM Rawlings’ these 22-24-month-old heifers weigh 452kgs and are PTIC to Speckle Park bulls.

Another highlight was a line of 20-25-month-old Angus and Angus cross steers weighing 592kgs. Offered by A/c ‘Rhebanvale’ from Wesley Vale in North Western Tasmania, these steers sold for $2,020.

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