Price jump to top of $3710 for cows and calves

Speckled-park-cowsCow with calves experienced the most significant price jump as they sold between $2,100 and $3,710 to average $2,639, up $385.

The top price was achieved by a line of 7 PTIC Speckle Park cows (pictured) accompanied by 7 calves sired by Speckle Park bulls, offered by A/c ‘B & S Retschag’ from Barrraba, NSW.

The 3-5 year old, Wattle Grove blood cows are 5-7 months PTIC to Speckle Park and Clunnie Range Angus bulls and their calves are 8-10 months old, weighing 265kgs. From Condah, VIC, A/c ‘L.J. & C.J. Tonissen’ offered 36 station mated Angus cows, 2.5 years old with 37 CAF. The Te Mania and Summicrest Focus blood cows are joined to Angus bulls and the 6-7 month old calves are sired by registered Angus bulls.

PTIC heifers also sold to a dearer market trend with prices between $1,440 and $2,270 to average $1,767, up $9 on last week.

A line of PTIC Angus heifers from Adelong, NSW, offered by A/c ‘A & K Waldren’ achieved the highest prices for the category. The 56 Hazeldean blood heifers were offered run out of the gate, selling at $2,270 and $2,230, they are rising 2 year olds, weigh 444kgs and are PTIC to registered Sprys Shorthorn bulls.

PTIC cows, however, took a backwards step down $121, selling between $1,500 and $2,380 to average $1,849.

The top price was achieved by 20 EU accredited Angus cows, offered by A/c ‘Frisby Park’ from Cudal, NSW. The Rennylea and Lawson blood cows are 3-4 years old, weigh 649kgs and are 2-3 months PTIC to registered Lawson bulls.

From Warwick, QLD, a line of Angus and Angus X cows, 4-8 years old, weighing 608kgs, PTIC to Red Wagyu bulls, sold for $2,250 and will travel to Allora in southern QLD.

Moving onto heifers, the 3,074 head offered were met by strong demand as they achieved an 82% clearance rate. Light heifers under 200kgs sold between 402c and 563c to average 482c, firm on last week.

The top price was attained by a line of 54 Angus heifers offered by A/c ‘Bridgewater Group Holdings Pty Limited’ from Black Mountain, NSW. The EU accredited heifers are 8-9 months old, weigh 184kgs and will travel to Scone, NSW.

Heifers 200-280kgs sold to a dearer trend, prices ranged from 359c to 545c, averaging 477c, up 40c. Vendors ‘Bridgewater Group Holdings Pty Limited’ from Black Mountain, NSW also topped this weight category with a line of 50 heavier Angus heifers, weighing 215kgs.

Another highlight is a line of Angus heifers, 8-11 months old, weighing 209kgs, from Merriwa, NSW, selling for 534c.

Heifers weighing 280-330kgs increased by 25c as they sold between 355c and 578c, averaging 425c. The top price was achieved by 68 Angus heifers offered by A/c ‘Werai Station’ from Deniliquin, NSW.

The Te Mania blood heifers are 10-11 months old, weigh 287kgs and will travel south to Willow Grove, in Gippsland VIC.

Feeder heifers 330-400kgs sold from 346c to 527c, averaging 389c, easing 12c. From Gerogery, NSW, a line of NSM Angus heifers offered by A/c ‘Rossrich Angus’ achieved the top price of the category.

The future breeders which are Angus Performance Registered are 10-11 months old, weigh 357kgs and will head to nearby Albury, NSW. Another highlight is a line of Shorthorn yearling heifers, 11-12 months old, weighing 337kgs, from Trangie, NSW, selling for 422c.

Heavy heifers weighing over 400kgs sold between 302c and 374c, averaging 332c. The top price was achieved by 12 NSM Red Angus/Simmental X heifers from Currency Creek, SA, offered by A/c ‘RH Hodge & Partners’. The EU accredited future breeders are 11-14 months old, weigh 404kgs and will travel to Goulburn, NSW.

Steers weighing 200-280kgs achieved prices ranging from 327c to 585c, to average 470c, firm on last week.

From Binda, NSW a line of 22 Hereford and Poll Hereford steers, offered by A/c ‘Forest Lodge Pastoral Company’, achieved the top price. The EU accredited steers are 8-10 months old, weigh 205kgs and will travel to Borenore, NSW.

280-330kgs steers increased 7c, selling between 349c and 505c to average 434c. The top price was achieved by a line of crossbred Wagyu F1 50% backgrounder steers, offered by ‘FH & MM Blackwell’ from Rylstone, NSW. The Wagyu/Angus X steers are 10-12 months old, weigh 298kgs and have been sired by Bald Ridge Wagyu sires.

Feeder steers, weighing 330-400kgs, sold between 342c and 444c, averaging 396c, also firm on last week. From Deniliquin, NSW, A/c ‘Werai Station’ offered 90 Angus steers which claimed the top price of the category.

The Te Mania blood steers are 10-11 months old, weigh 365kgs and will cross the border travelling to Yea, VIC. Another highlight from the Riverina region in NSW was a line of 25 Angus steers, 10-11 months old, weighing 352kgs, selling for 443c.

Heavy steers weighing over 400kgs sold between 397c and 420c, to average 408c, 29c dearer than last week.

The top price was achieved by 55 Angus steers offered by A/c ‘Verge Pastoral Co’ from Euroa, VIC. The Dunoon blood steers are 10-11 months old, weigh 417kgs and will travel to Tarwin Lower, in the Gippsland region, VIC.

Down in Tasmania, there was a reduced offering of 91 head, down 288 head from last week, yet clearance remained high at 93%. Steers sold from $1,110 to $2,080, averaging $1,584.

The top price went to a line of 20-24 month old Angus steers, weighing 586kgs from Moriarty, NW Tas.

Heifers sold between $1,310 and $1,650. From Mole Creek, a line of 21-22 month old Murray Grey heifers weighing 530kgs, achieved the top price. Cows sold from $1,930 to $2,390, averaging $2,120, with the top price going to a line of Charolais/Angus heifers, weighing 528kgs with Speckle Park CAF from Huonville, N TAS.

National Heifer Breakdown:

Under 200kg sold from 402c/kg to 563c/kg to average 482c/kg

200-280kg sold from 359c/kg to 545c/kg to average 477c/kg

280-330kg sold from 355c/kg to 578c/kg to average 425c/kg

330-400kg sold from 346c/kg to 527c/kg to average 389c/kg

400kg + sold from 302c/kg to 374c/kg to average 322c/kg

National Steer Breakdown:

Under 200kg sold from 394c/kg to 492c/kg to average 463c/kg

200-280kg sold from 327c/kg to 585c/kg to average 470c/kg

280-330kg sold from 349c/kg to 505c/kg to average 434c/kg

330-400kg sold from 342c/kg to 444c/kg to average 396c/kg

400kg + sold from 397c/kg to 420c/kg to average 408c/kg


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