Heifer weaners up 32c/kg to average 485c/kg

Heifers-WestmarHeifers weighing 200-280kgs increased by 32c to average 485c with prices selling between 330c to 579c on AuctionsPlus.

The top line hailed from Westmar, QLD and consisted of Angus weaned heifers aged 6-12 months weighing 224kgs (pictured). Offered by A/c ‘Fucheng Woodlands pty ltd’ the heifers will journey to Dubbo, NSW with their sisters who returned 577c.

The 280-330kg heifers also trended dearer this week, up 15c to average 464c with prices ranging from 364c to 524c.

Hailing from Wagga Wagga, NSW the top line of Angus heifers weigh 309kgs and are aged 12-15-months. Offered by A/c ‘Ruahine Pastoral Co’ the heifers will journey to Brewarrina, NSW.

Feeder heifers weighing 330-400kgs sold from 317c to 519c to average 12c dearer at 449c. Hailing from Yass, NSW the top line consisted of 12-13-month-old NSM Future Breeder Angus heifers weighing 374kgs. Offered by A/c ‘A.P Cole’ the heifers are of Bongongo & Rennylea Angus blood and will journey to Tumut, NSW.

Heifers tipping over the 400kg mark also sold to a dearer trend, up 28c to average 430c with prices ranging from 370c to 445c.

The top line consisted of Angus NSM future breeders aged 12-18-months weighing 420kgs. Offered by A/c ‘Auchen Dhu Pastoral Co’ from Walcha, NSW the heifers will journey to Casino, NSW.

Cows with calves at foot saw a price correction on last week, easing $22 to average back at $2,638 with prices ranging between $1,550 and $3,460.

The top line was spread across two offerings of 2-year-old Angus NSM heifers with CAF aged 1-2-months by A/c ‘Wetjed Investments’. Hailing from Molong, NSW the Hazeldeen blood heifers average 540kg and 493kgs and will journey to Wellington and Blayney, NSW, respectively.

Another highlight includes a line of 8-year-old PTIC Angus cows with 7-8-month-old CAF from Whittlesea, VIC which returned $3,400. The Te Mania bloodline cows offered by A/c ‘Mayneline Angus’ weigh 651kgs and will journey to Korumburra, VIC.

PTIC cows saw a significant price rise, averaging $258 dearer at $2,126 with prices selling from $1,260 to $2,440.

The top price achieved by A/c ‘Betrola Pty Ltd’ was split across two lots of PTIC EU Angus cows weighing 650kgs. The cows are 4 and 5 years old, PTIC to Yarralee angus sires and will journey to Scone, NSW.

PTIC heifers also saw dearer price trends, averaging $42 dearer than last week at $2,108 with prices ranging from $1,310 and $2,610. The stock category achieved a 94% clearance.

Hailing from Armidale, NSW the top line of Angus PTIC heifers weigh 590kgs and are of Pure Longord Angus blood. Offered by A/c ‘Longford Angus’, the heifers are EU accredited and will journey to Tenterden, NSW.

The steer offering increased to total 4,332 head this week, 627 head more than last weeks offering.

Steers weighing under 200kgs sold from 297c to 682c to average 526c, selling 24c dearer than the previous week.

The top line of steers consisted of 3-month-old Friesian steer calves from Tatura, VIC. Offered by A/c ‘Fenton Hall’ the steers weigh 87kgs and will journey to a buyer in Mount Beauty, VIC.

Steers 200-280kgs held firm on last week, easing 3c to average 510c with prices ranging between 410c and 665c. From Mansfield, VIC A/c ‘Sparcorp Mansfield Pty Ltd’ achieved the top price with a line of Angus steers aged 7-8-months weighing 261kgs. The steers are of Rennylea blood and will journey to Mount Alfred, VIC.

The 280-330kg steers eased 12c to average 457c with prices selling from 393c to 577c. Also offered by A/c ‘Sparcorp Mansfield Pty Ltd’, the top line consisted of 7-8-year-old Angus steers weighing 310kgs. The steers will travel interstate to Albury in the NSW Riverina.

Feeder steers weighing 330-400kgs also eased slightly, back 7c to average 430c with prices selling between 335c and 478c.

Hailing from Flynns Creek, VIC the top line consisted of 8-9-month-old Hereford steers weighing 356kgs. The Morfield blood steers offered by A/c ‘Sladin p/l’ will journey to a buyer in Archies Creek, VIC.

Steers weighing 400kgs+ sold from 306c to 434c to average 2c dearer at 402c. Checking in at 416kgs, the top line was split across two offerings consisting of Poll Hereford/Hereford yearling steers aged 12-13 months from Wantabadgery, NSW. Both lines will head across the Bass Strait to Trowutta, TAS. Congratulations to A/c ‘Oakview Past Co’ on a great result.

Weaner and Yearling heifer listing numbers also saw an increase this week, up 1,154 head to total 5,854 head.

Heifers weighing under 200kgs sold from 413c to 598c to average 44c back from last week at 470c. The top line consisted of Poll Hereford/Friesian heifer calves aged 5 months from Ballendella, VIC. Offered by A/c ‘Wokanmel Past Co’ the heifers weigh 166kgs and will head to a buyer in Girgarre, VIC.

Across the Bass Strait to Tasmania saw a reduced offering of 232 head this week, a decrease of 340 head.

Clearance rates remained firm at 98%. Weaner and yearling heifers sold from 328c to 526c to average 417c. The top line was offered by A/c ‘D F & L S PADMAN’ from Sheffield, TAS with an offering of 6-8-month old Angus unweaned heifers weighing 190kgs.

The heifers are of pleasant vale and Dunlop Park bloodlines and will journey interstate to a buyer in Wodonga, VIC. Weaner and yearling steers sold from 425c to 489c to average 479c.

The top price went to a line of Angus unweaned steers aged 6-8-months from the same vendors who offered the top line of heifers in the same sale. Congratulations on a great result. Another highlight included a line of Angus yearling steers from Mount Direction, TAS which weigh 332kgs and returned $1,460 or 448c.


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