Cow and calf prices remain strong at top of $3870

Cows-and-calves-MolongFollowing on the back of a new cow and calf record being set last week, the 2,000 head offered were met with strong demand, achieving 81% clearance.

Prices for cows with calves at foot (CAF) sold from $1,860 to $3,870 to average $2,873, back $22.

The top price was claimed by A/c ‘JM & SA Morse’ for their line of 76 Angus cows & 79 calves (pictured), from Molong, NSW.

The Rennylea blood cows weigh 478kgs, are 3-4 years old, with 3-4 months old CAF weighing 174kgs.

PTIC cows experienced a dearer market trend, increasing $326 to average $2,049 and selling between $1,240 and $3,220.

The highest price of the category was achieved by a line of 16 Angus PTIC cows, offered by A/c ‘Coolana Rural Pty Ltd’ from Glenthompson, VIC. The Coolana bred cows are EU accredited, 5-6 years old, weigh 747kgs and are 3-4.5 months PTIC to Angus bulls, they will cross the border to Mount Gambier, SA.

The offering of PTIC heifers increased this week with 1,500 head on offer, 1,000 more than last.

However, they sold to an easing market trend, selling between $1,560 and $2,920, averaging $2,148, back $160. The top price from Inman Vally, SA was attained by a line of 25 PTIC Angus/Friesan heifers, offered by A/c ‘Ryecroft’. The heifers are 20-22 months old, weigh 577kgs and are 7-8 months PTIC to Angus bulls.

Weaner & yearling heifers accounted for 39% of the overall catalogue this week with 8,118 head offered.

Heifers weighing under 200kgs sold from 500c to 610c, to average 540c, easing 60c. The top price was achieved by a line of 13 weaned Angus and Angus X heifers from Deepwater, NSW, offered by A/c ‘JC Cox, BJ Phipps & JR Phipps’. The EU accredited heifers were sired by Eaglehawk Angus bulls, are 6-7 months old and weigh 196kgs.

Heifers weighing 200-280kgs were priced between 290c and 626c, averaging 475c, back 39c. From Holbrook, NSW, A/c ‘Kincardine Pastoral’ offered 48 Angus heifers which topped the category. The heifers are 5-6 months old, weigh 225kgs and will cross the border to Montgomery in Gippsland, VIC.

The 280-330kgs heifers also corrected this week, coming back 31c to sell between 357c and 577c, averaging 444c.

The top price was claimed by a line of 42 Angus heifers, offered by A/c ‘Ardenside Angus Pty Ltd’ from Nevertire, NSW. The Te Mania blood future breeders weigh 282kgs, are 12-13 months old and will head to Bathampton in Central Western, NSW.

Feeder heifers weighing 330-400kgs held firm to average 452c, prices ranged from 359c to 579c. The top price hailed from Gundagai, NSW as A/c ‘Reiland Angus Stud’ offered 26 Angus heifers. The NSM future breeders weigh 356kgs, are 12-13 months old and will travel to nearby Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Heavy heifers weighing over 400kgs sold from 355c to 516c, averaging 444c, 27c dearer than last week. A/c ‘Reiland Angus Stud’ offered the top price of this weight category too with a line of 26 Angus heifers. The commercial Reiland Angus heifers weigh 415kgs, are 13-14 months old and are heading to Albury, NSW.

There were 6,493 steers offered this week which achieved 77% clearance. Light steers weighing under 200kgs sold from 373c to 622c, averaging 551c, correcting 97c from last week.

The top price was achieved by a line of 8 Angus and Angus X steers offered by the same vendor who topped the heifers under 200kgs – A/c ‘JC Cox, BJ Phipps & JR Phipps’ from Deepwater, NSW. The EU accredited steers weigh 194kgs, are 6-7 months old, sired by Eaglehawk Angus bulls and will travel west to Moree, NSW.

Steers weighing 200-280kgs were priced from 420c to 664c, averaging 550c, 11c dearer.

The highest price of the category was achieved by a line of 30 Angus steers, offered by A/c ‘Kincadine Pastroal’; the same vendors which topped the heifer portion. The steers weigh 233kgs, are 5-7 months old and will head north to Jondaryan, in Southern QLD.

The 280-330kgs steers also experienced a dearer market trend, selling from 338c to 597c, to average 496c, up 7c. From Skipton, VIC, A/c ‘Borriyalloak’ offered the top priced line of 42 Angus steers. The Barwidgee and Te Mania blood steers weigh 288kgs, are 8-9 months old and will cross two borders on the way to Texas, QLD.

Feeder steers weighing 330-400kgs followed the same rising market trend, up 20c to average 447c and selling between 353c and 549c.

The highest price was claimed by a line of 48 Angus steers, offered by ‘JB & JK Newsome’ from Deepwater, NSW. The Hazeldean and Cudgell Creek blood steers weigh 337kgs and are 14-16 months old.

Heavy steers weighing over 400kgs sold between 309c and 464c, averaging 433c, 21c dearer than last week. The top price hailed from Dubbo, NSW as A/c ‘Toongi Pastoral Company P/L’ offered 36 Shorthorn and 2 Angus steers. The steers weigh 405kgs, are 13-15 months old and will travel to Hay, NSW.

Down in Tasmania, cattle numbers reduced again as there was 363 head offered, but achieved a 93% clearance with majority staying on the island and some heading across to mainland, in Victoria. Cows with CAF sold between $2,070 and $3,400 to average $2,759.

The top priced unit was achieved by 5 Angus NSM cows accompanied by 7 calves, offered by ‘C Lyne & Son’ from Campbell Town, TAS. The cows weigh 617kgs, are 4-5 years old and their CAF are 6-7 months old, weighing 291kgs. Weaner & yearling heifers sold from $1,150 to $1,630 to average $1,420.

From Cressy, TAS, A/c ‘Wallabadah Pty Ltd’ offered 3 NSM Murray Grey heifers, 14-19 months old, weighing 460kgs which sold for the top price.

Weaner & yearling steers sold from $1,420 to $1,760 to average $1,533. The highest price was claimed by a line of 9 Poll Hereford/Friesian steers offered by A/c RA & LE Cunnigham’ from Reedy Marsh, TAS. The steers weigh 493kgs and are 23-25 months old.

Across in Western Australia, there was 2,442 head offered this week with numbers being boosted by the Nutrien Midwest Store Sale and the Boyanup Store Sale. From Mount Barker, a line of 11 Angus slaughter heifers & cows weighing 635kgs sold for $1,672.

The Nutrien Midwest Store Sale saw 931 offered, and a 100% clearance returned. The top price of the sale $1,410 was claimed by 85 Droughtmaster heifers by A/c ‘Fieldhouse Droughtmasters’ from Wickepin, WA. The future breeders weigh 358kgs and are 15-18 months old.



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