Crossbred lambs up $4 to ave $162 and merino wether lambs up $8



These crossbred lambs, 41.2kg, from Casterton, Vic, made $181.

Prices for crossbred lambs ranged from $125-$246/head, to average $162/head – up $4 with an 89% clearance.

Two indicative lines consisting of 780 head of White Suffolk/Border Leicester/Merino mixed sex suckers weighing 41.2kg from Casterton Victoria, returned $181/head and will travel to a buyer in Dirranbandi, Queensland – approximately a 1,500km journey north.

Merino wether lambs totalled 12% of the offering. Prices averaged $142/head – up $8 from last week, with clearance rates reaching 90%. Merino ewe lambs continued to rise in value and demand, as the category averaged $173/head – $20 up from last week with a 72% clearance.

South Australia offered a majority of Merino ewe lambs this week, with 72% of sold SA lines going to NSW buyers.

First cross ewe lambs accounted for 12% of the catalogue, with 11,757 head listed. The category returned a $244/head average – up $39 from last week with a 58% clearance.

The offering of Composite/other breed lamb numbers held firm on last week, with 8,061 head offered – 8% of the total catalogue. Despite good demand within the category returning the highest clearance rate across the lamb categories for the week, at 94%, it also registered an easing in prices as the category averaged $164/head – back $13.

Joined ewes again remained limited in the sheep sale this week, with a total of 1,692 head offered across the five categories.

Non Station Mated ewes improved across three of the four categories listed this week, following prices declining across all categories last week. Merino ewe hogget listings halved  and were subsequently met with steady demand, as clearance rates rose to 72%.

Prices for the category ranged between $171-$327/head, to average $260/head – up $21.

NSM Merino ewes accounted for 11% of the catalogue, with 11,292 head offered, as the category averaged $236/head – up $24 with 73% of lines selling.