Swift action on lumpy skin disease applauded by CCA

lumpy-skin-disease-Cattle Council of Australia has commended the Australian Government’s decision to give the CSIRO everything it needs to test and develop effective vaccines to manage Lumpy Skin Disease.

The Federal Government has announced it will import the live virus, so scientists at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness can undertake vaccine and diagnostic research.

Cattle Council President, Markus Rathsmann applauded the swift action.

“This decision shows there’s no time to waste,” Mr Rathsmann said.

“Now the virus is in Indonesia it poses a significant threat to our Australian beef industry as it can spread via biting insects carried on monsoonal winds.

“It’s important we work towards the development of an mRNA vaccine, as it doesn’t carry the risk of infection that comes with traditional vaccines.

“If this disease hit Australia, our most valuable international markets would close.

“Our best chance at keeping it out is to help our Indonesian neighbours bring their outbreak under control.

“The development of a new vaccine and diagnostic systems will benefit not only us, but cattle producers the world over.

“We also need to ensure we have updated protocols such as the AHA AUSVET PLAN to limit the spread should the virus reach Australia.

“Helping Indonesia will also give us valuable knowledge to strengthen our systems.

“I thank Minister Littleproud for making the right call to protect our $70 billion red meat and livestock industry.”