Competition fierce on lighter steer lines with prices up $49

Breadlebane-steersThe increased offering of 200-280kg steers failed to dint prices last week, with the 3,588 head offering averaging $1,831/head – up $49.

While the overall clearance rate was subdued at 58%, competition for the lighter lines was fierce, especially from southern Queensland producers.

From Breadalbane, North Queensland, a line of 116 weaned Brangus steers (pictured), aged 6-9 months, averaging 233kg lwt, returned $1,890/ head, or 811c/kg.

Accounting for 11% of the steer offering, 280-330kg steers were impacted by cautious buying, ranging from $1,100 to $2,320, averaging $1,928/head – back $234. From Inverell, NSW, a line of 14 Angus steers, aged 8-11 months, weighing 312kg lwt, returned $2,100/head, or 674c/kg.

The heavy steer offering had the highest clearance rate for the week, with 330-400kg and 400kg+ both achieving an 84% clearance. 330-400kg steers averaged $2,081/head – back $95 for the week, while the limited 400kg+ offering averaged $2,449/head – back $36.

From Meningie, Upper Southeast SA, a line of 49 yearling Angus steers, aged 15-16 months and averaging 459kg lwt returned the top price of $2,890/head, or 629.5c/kg.

The heifer offering was impacted by a softer market, with four out of the five categories back on the previous week. With listings up 40% on last week, 200-280kg heifers averaged $1,551/head – back $275/head. From Churchill, Victoria, a line of 13 weaned Speckle Park/Angus heifers, aged 7-10 months, weighing 225kg lwt, returned $1,400/head, or 623c/kg.

Impacted by a subdued market and limited offerings, 400kg+ heifers achieved the highest clearance rate at 94% for the 336 head offered. From Tarcutta, NSW, a line of 34 Poll Hereford feeder heifers, aged 14 -20 months and averaging 382.5kg lwt returned $1,950/head, or 510c/kg.

The proven breeder category was again dominated by PTIC lines, making up 20% of the breeding stock offered. Buyer caution remains with prices mixed on last week, while clearance rates highlight demand for the cow categories. With numbers back on last week, the 2,740 PTIC heifers sold to a very cautious market, with a 49% clearance rate, averaging $31 lower on last week, at $2,701/head.

From Hannaford, Southern Queensland, a line of 50 Santa Gertrudis PTIC heifers, aged 20-32 months and averaging 411kg lwt, returned $2,700/head.

PTIC cows registered a robust clearance rate at auction end, with the 1,890 head achieving an 81% clearance. Prices for the category followed the same trend as PTIC heifers, back $38 on last week, to average $2,765/head. From Kingston, Southeast SA, a line of 62 Angus PTIC cows, aged four years, averaging 484kg lwt, returned $3,500/head.

From Acheron, Central Victoria, a line of 20 NSM Angus cows and calves, returned $3,850/head. The cows ranged in age from 5–6 years, weighing 627kg lwt – while the calves at foot were 1-9 months of age, average 90kg lwt and are sired by Banquet Angus bulls.