Feeder steers up by $392 while PTIC cows slip by $185

Feeder-steers-DeepwaterFeeder steers kicked after the previous weeks decline, averaging $392 higher, at $2,662/head, or 609c/kg lwt – with the 71% clearance rate for the 590 head offered.

From Deepwater, NSW, a line of 40 Santa Gertrudis steers (pictured) aged 16-20-months-old and weighing 463kg lwt returned $2,476/head.

The 200-280kg steers averaged $3 higher last week, at $1,739/head, with a 73% clearance rate for the 2,381 head offered AuctionsPlus.

Competition, especially out of northern NSW and southern Queensland for quality young lines remains robust, especially as access conditions improve.

From Benalla, Victoria, a line of 111 Angus steers aged 8-9-months-old and weighing 274kg lwt returned $2,080/head. Out of the north, 120 Brahman steers aged 5-8-months old, from Richmond, North Queensland, weighing 217kg lwt, returned $1,300/head.

Demand through the 280-330kg lines remains firm, just without the intensity of the lighter lines, with the average for the week slipping $24 on last week, to $2,012/head. The 2,307 head offered, which was up almost 700 head on last week, sold to a 66% clearance rate, down from 78% last week.

From O’Connel, NSW, a line of 66 Poll Hereford steers aged 9-10-months-old and weighing 302kg lwt returned $1,960/head. From Book Book, NSW, a line of 49 Angus steers aged 10-11-months-old and weighing 308kg lwt returned $2,210/head – headed to a buyer from Mansfield, Victoria.

The 330-400kg steers averaged $8 higher, at $2,193/head. From Emerald, Queensland, a line of 78 Droughtmaster steers, aged 15-18-months-old and weighing 386kg lwt returned $2,047/head, or 530c/kg.

As four-out-of-five young heifer lines averaged higher, the main mid-weight categories only rose by between $4-30/head on last week, as the offering of 400kg+ heifers was the lowest in several months. 200-280kg heifers averaged $4 higher, at $1,617/head, with a 51% clearance rate for the 1,690 head offered. From Bridport, Tasmania, a line of 50 Angus heifers aged 8-10-months-old and weighing 276kg lwt returned $1,860/head.

The 280-330kg heifers averaged $1,903/head this week, up $30, with a 52% clearance rate for the 1,296 head offered. Out of Alice Spring, NT, a line of 83 Poll Hereford heifers aged 14-18-months-old and weighing 310kg lwt returned $1,730/head.

Through the proven breeding lines, most of the buying was focused through northern and central NSW. Initially low clearance rates at the immediate closure of the sale continues to point to very judicious buying from herd rebuilders, as the 3,161 PTIC heifers only sold to a 32% clearance rate this week. After last week’s decline, PTIC heifers averaged $32 higher this week, at $2,589 head – ranging from $1,750-$3,560/head.

From Manilla, NSW, a line of 72 Angus PTIC heifers, joined to Wagyu bulls, aged 18-22-months-old and weighing 469kg lwt returned $3,560/head –$560 above reserve.

PTIC cows slipped a further $185 this week, to average $2,646/head, with a 53% clearance rate for the 2,223 head offered – up 44% on last week’s numbers. From Canowindra, NSW, 16 Shorthorn cows PTIC to Angus bulls aged 7-9-years-old and weighing 763kg lwt returned $2,720/head.

From Armidale, NSW, a line of 47 Angus cows with 47 angus calves at foot returned $4,020/head. The cows aged 4-4.5-years-old and weighed 507kg, while the calves ranged from 3-9-week and weighed an average 64kg lwt.