Lamb feedlot competition to benchmark sheep genetics for eating quality

Much conjecture has been present across the industry about the measurement and determination of important carcase traits in meat yield and eating quality of Australian lamb. Where are we at and what does the future hold?

LambEx 2024 delves head first into the advancements, efficiencies and challenges still facing the industry as it grapples to effectively implement MSA standards throughout both the producer and processing sectors.

The LambEx AMPC Feedlot Carcase Competition, with entries from multiple states and breeders, provided an opportunity to benchmark sheep genetics.

The purpose of the initiative sought to put genetic profiles to the test and recognise lamb growth, carcase yield and eating quality with no breed or environmental parameters.

The overall aim seeks to identify profitable traits, explore the food versus fibre production yield outputs and determine how producers can seek to constantly evolve to improve production efficiencies within their genetic profile.

At LambEx 2024, the results will be shared with the ‘Lamb of Origin’ revealed with an expectation that outcomes will paint a clearer picture for producers and industry alike in order to be able to benchmark what makes a profitable Australian lamb.