Approval of beef processing plant by China welcomed by Cattle Australia

Cattle Australia has welcomed China’s recent export approval of an Australian beef processing plant, in what is the first new establishment to be granted access since 2017.

CA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Chris Parker, said the approval of Australian Meat Group’s facility at Dandenong, Victoria, is a significant step forward in relations with one of our key trading partners.

“This is a great outcome for AMG, and the graziers and lot feeders who supply this plant, as well as the other establishments looking to gain access to the Chinese market,” Dr Parker said.

“Coupled with the recent reinstatement of export approvals for five out of seven plants that had been suspended from supplying product to China, this news is a clear indication of a strengthening relationship and good progress towards resuming normal technical discussions.

“Industry advocacy groups such as the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) and the Federal Government should be applauded for their ongoing efforts to secure and expand access to this market.

“It has been a long process, and is an ongoing one, but it is a great example of industry and Government positively collaborating to achieve a tremendous outcome with an important international customer.”

-Cattle Australia