Two scholarships available for young people in the cattle industry

Two opportunities are available for young people in the industry through the Angus Foundation, with applications open for the University of Illinois Scholarship and the ALFA BeefEx Conference Scholarships. 

After a four-year hiatus, Angus Australia is thrilled to bring back the University of Illinois Scholarship for 2025, with grand plans for 2026 and beyond. 

Over the past 40 years, Australian students have competed for the National Livestock Judging Scholarship, with winners earning the chance to study at the University of Illinois (U of I). This scholarship has evolved significantly, with guidance from U of I staff and Angus Australia, becoming one of the most industry-relevant scholarships available to Angus Australia members. 

“Angus Australia is seeking applications for a trustworthy, driven member of the beef industry with a strong interest in livestock and meat judging, with a goal of forging a career in associated industries for the 2025 Angus Foundation University of Illinois Scholarship,” said Angus Australia’s Jake Phillips. 

“The recipient is set to participate with the U of I livestock and meat judging teams, attend university classes, live on campus, and travel to various competitions and training events across the United States. 

He continued, “We extend our deepest gratitude to all who have contributed to this reinvigorated program, especially Professor Dan Shike from the University of Illinois, who has stepped up to facilitate the scholarship in honour of the late Doug Parrett in recent years. We also wish to thank Greg Chappell from Dulverton Angus for his generous donation to the Angus Foundation last year, which has made the recommencement of this opportunity possible. 

“This is a life changing opportunity for the recipient, so if you are passionate about livestock and meat judging and are ready to take your skills to the next level, we encourage you to apply for is this scholarship opportunity.” 

Applications close Friday, August 16th and are open to Angus Australia members aged 18 -25. To apply, visit the Angus Australia website. 

For more information, please contact Angus Australia’s Jake Phillips at 

In an opportunity for Angus Australia members aged 18-30 with an interest in the feedlot industry, applications are also open to apply for the Angus Foundation ALFA BeefEx Conference Scholarships. 

The Angus Foundation will once again award two scholarships to give Angus Australia youth members the opportunity to participate in the only place on the calendar specifically focused on the grain fed beef industry. 

The 2024 BeefEx Conference will be held 15th-17th October 2024 hosted by ALFA (The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association), in Brisbane Qld. 

Jack Jansen, previous recipient (2022) says, “The feedlot industry is an important part of the Angus and broader beef supply chain. Attending BeefEx provides the opportunity to learn how the sector is evolving to tackle rising pressure on sustainability and efficiency, while not surpassing on the high-quality beef Australia produces. 

“I highly recommend attending BeefEx to young people who are interested in developing a better understanding of the broader feedlot industry, the calibre of speakers and opportunities to network with industry leading professionals is second to none.” 

BeefEx 2024 has put together an informative program with speakers delving into learnings from international markets, consumer sentiments, updates to the current research being undertaken, and people management. 

Applications for the BeefEx scholarships close Monday, August 26th and are open to Angus Australia members aged 18 – 30. To apply, visit the Angus Australia website. 

For more information, please contact Angus Australia Extension Officer Hanlie Jansen at 

-Angus Australia