Qld graziers call on Government to reject water plan

Qld-cattle-2Graziers hand-delivered an open letter* to Queensland Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch, calling on the state government to reject Adani’s water plan on scientific grounds including inadequate modelling and lack of analysis of cumulative impacts.

Central Queensland graziers Angus Emmott, Bruce Currie and William Graham joined Farmers for Climate Action (FCA) CEO Verity Morgan-Schmidt at the meeting with Minister Enoch in Brisbane at which they called on the Queensland Government to withhold approval of the plan until concerns are addressed.

FCA CEO Verity Morgan-Schmidt said politics appeared to have trumped science and due process at a Federal level.

“Today Minister Enoch assured us the Queensland government would not be rushed in the decision making process in relation to Adani’s water approval process,” she said.

“Queensland farming communities expect real leadership from our elected representatives, and a vision for a future that doesn’t put at risk the natural resources on which they depend.

“We call upon the proponent of the project, and all sides of politics, to set the political and propaganda games aside and allow due process and robust scientific analysis to be carried out by the regulator. “

Longreach grazier and FCA member Angus Emmett said the Federal Government’s decision to rush in and approve Adani’s water management plan on the eve of an election was deeply disappointing to the farming community.

“We desperately need the Queensland government to stand firm and do the right thing to ensure that our precious groundwater supplies are protected.”

Jericho grazier Bruce Currie said the ability to produce food and fibre is being jeopardised by political leaders who continue to put agriculture and our water supply behind short-sighted interests.

“The bottom line is this project threatens the integrity of the Great Artesian Basin and the farmers and rural communities that depend on its water supply. We need our state leaders to resist that pressure and protect our future.”