Light steer weaners up 5c/kg to 610c/kg

Droughtmasters-The-GumsPrices for steers increased across most weight categories for the 6,900 head offered on AuctionsPlus.

Light steers under 200kgs sold between 456c and 610c to average 538c, up 5c from last week.

The top priced lot was a line of 120 Droughtmaster steers (pictured), offered by A/c ‘Davemac Enterprises’ from The Gums, QLD. The EU accredited steers are 6-10 months old, weigh 130 kgs and will travel south to Warren, NSW. Another highlight is a line of Angus backgrounder steers, 179kgs, 4-8 months old, from Meandarra, QLD, selling for 570c.

Prices for steers weighing 200-280kgs ranged from 375c to 555c, averaging 489c, up 2c. A line of 51 Angus steers, offered by A/c ‘D Parfett’ in Blayney, NSW, achieved the top price. The Mundarra blood steers are 8-9 months old, weigh 216kgs and will travel to Armidale, NSW. From Victoria, a line of EU accredited, Angus steers, 8-9 months old, weighing 212kgs, sold for 552c and will cross the border into South Australia.

Cows and calf units climbed again this week to average $2,441, up $30, selling between $2,000 and $3,210 on AuctionsPlus.

The top price was achieved by a line of 11 NSM Angus heifers with CAF, offered by A/c ‘5 Mile Enterprises’ from Northwood, VIC. The Mordallup blood heifers are 26-30 months old, weigh 466kgs and their CAF are 2-3 months old, weigh 199kgs and are sired by Te Mania bulls.

From Gloucester, NSW, 30 PTIC Limousin Cross cows with CAF sold for $3,200. The Red Rock Limousin blood cows are 3-9 years old, weigh 564kgs and have 6-9 month old, 226kgs CAF.

PTIC heifers followed a similar positive price trend as they sold between $1,210 and $2,720, to average $1,743, up $168.

A line of PTIC Speckle Park/Angus Cross heifers offered by A/c ‘Waratah Speckle Park’ in Guyra, NSW attained the highest price of the category. The commercially bred heifers are 19-21 months old, weigh 455kgs and will travel south to Alexandra, VIC.

Another highlight is a line of PTIC Poll Hereford heifers from Holbrook, NSW, which sold for $2,530. The Injemira blood heifers are 21-22 months old, weigh 480kgs and will travel across the border to Colac, VIC.

PTIC cows eased on last week’s prices as they sold from $1,380 to $2,310, averaging $1,824, back $334. The top two prices were achieved by A/c ‘Watch Hill’ in Beeac, VIC.

They offered two decks worth of PTIC Angus cows, 33-35 months old, one lot weighing 532kgs and the other 457kgs, which are both joined to Alpine Angus bulls and will travel to Guyra, NSW. From Mount Olive, NSW, a line of Angus cows, 34-38 months old, weighing 497kgs, PTIC to Kansas Angus bulls sold for $2,200 and will travel to Glen Innes, NSW.

Steers weighing 280-330kgs eased 28c to average 414c and sold from 287c to 497c.  The top price hailed from Coolah, A/c ‘Long Hill Pastoral Co’ offered a line of crossbred unweaned steers, 7-9 months old, weighing 283kgs. From Oberon, NSW, 24 Angus/Shorthorn Cross steers, 7-9 months old, weighing 280kgs, sold for 491c.

Feeder steers weighing 330-400kgs sold between 303c and 446c, averaging 393c, firm on last week. From Mount Gambier, SA, A/c ‘DF & M Cleves’ offered 29 Hereford and Angus/Hereford Cross steers which achieved the highest price of the category. The EU accredited steers are 12-13 months old, weigh 332kgs and have ARDNO Hereford and Boonderoo Angus bloodlines. From Nundle, NSW, a line of 80 Angus feeder steers, 11-12 months old, 344kgs, sold for 444c.

Steers weighing over 400kgs were up 5c, averaging 487c as they sold between 330c and 420c. The top price was achieved by a line of 15 Angus yearling steers, offered by A/c ‘Schofield Grazing’ from Nundle, NSW. The steers are 15-16 months old, weigh 403kgs and will travel to Mudgee, NSW. From Inman Valley, SA, a line of Angus feeder steers, 13-15 months old, weighing 432kgs, sold for 406c and will travel to Lavington in the NSW Riverina region.

Heifers accounted for 33% of the overall catalogue with 6,175 head offered. There was a smaller offering of light heifers weighing under 200kgs; they sold between 410c and 500c to average 463c, back 26c on last week. The top price went to a line of 60 Angus heifers, offered by A/c ‘MG & TJ Wales’ from Meandarra, QLD. The EU accredited heifers are 4-7 months old, weigh 188kgs and will travel to Walcha, NSW. Another notable highlight was a line Angus and Angus Cross heifers, 7-9 months old, weighing 192kgs, from Boggabilla, NSW, selling for 483c.

Heifers weighing 200-280kgs jumped 19c to average 459c as prices ranged between 358c and 541c. From Humula, NSW, A/c ‘Pine Park Pastoral Co’ offered 32 Angus heifers which made the top price for the category. The Ardenside blood heifers are 8-10 months old, weigh 211kgs and will remain in the Riverina, travelling to Murrami. Also from the Riverina, in Mangoplah, NSW, a line of 32 Angus heifers, 9-10 months old, weighing 250kgs, sold for 534c.

280-330kgs heifers sold from 309c to 472c, averaging 398c, easing 10c from last week. The top price was achieved by a line of 28 Angus heifers, offered by A/c ‘Stoney Point Performance Angus’ from Meningie, SA. The Stoney Point blood heifers are 9-11 months old, weigh 309kgs and will travel to Mount Gambier, SA. Another highlight is a line of 27 unweaned Angus heifers of pure Sparta bloodlines, 9-10 months old, weighing 288kgs, from Bega NSW, selling for 469c.

Feeder heifers 330-400kgs improved 3c on last week, selling between 333c and 471c to average 390c. A line of Angus heifers, also offered by A/c ‘Stoney Point Performance Angus’ from Meningie, SA, achieved the top price of this weight category. The 26 registered stud females are 9-11 months old, weigh 353kgs and will travel to Mount Gambier, SA as well. From Goondiwindi, NSW, a line of 61 Angus heifers, 19-21 months old, weighing 374kgs, with Clunie Range and Double D bloodlines, sold for 439c.

Heifers weighing over 400kgs sold between 363c and 402c to average 386c, up 4c. The top price was achieved by a line of Angus/Hereford Cross heifers from A/c ‘Malanda’ in Penshurst, VIC. The black baldy heifers are 18-20 months old, weigh 403kgs and will travel to Quirindi, NSW. Another highlight is a line of Angus/Charolais Cross heifers, 15-16 months old, weighing 404kgs, from Nundle, NSW, selling for 395c.

Heading down to Tasmania, a reduction in numbers with 272 head offered saw an increase demand as the sale achieved 96% clearance. Steers sold between $850 and $1,550, to see the average ease $42 to $1,255. The top price was offered by A/c ‘RJ & KE Britton’ from Riana with their line of Murray Grey Cross weaned steers, 10-12 months old, weighing 470kgs. Heifers sold between $910 and $1,260, with the top price going to a line of Murray Grey Cross heifers, 8-12 months old, weighing 326kgs, offered by the same vendors as the steers.

Looking over to the west, there was 86 head offered in the WA cattle sale on Tuesday which achieved 100% clearance. Weaned heifers sold between 343c and 357c to average 350c. The top priced lot was a line of Angus heifers, 10-11 months of age, weighing 297kgs, offered by A/c ‘JCC Love Family Trust’ from Pemberton. Mixed sex weaner prices ranged between 292c and 383c, averaging 352c. From Mayanup, a line of Charolais and Red Angus Cross mixed sex weaners topped the category; they were 225kgs, 7-8 months old and will travel to Pemberton, WA.

National Steer Breakdown: 

– Under 200kgs sold from 456c/kg to 610c/kg to average 538c/kg

– 200-280kgs sold from 375c/kg to 555c/kg to average 489c/kg

– 280-330kgs sold from 287c/kg to 497c/kg to average 414c/kg

– 330-400kgs sold from 303c/kg to 446c/kg to average 393c/kg

– 400+ kgs sold from 330c/kg to 420c/kg to average 487c/kg

National Heifer Breakdown: 

– Under 200kgs sold from 410c/kg to 500c/kg to average 463c/kg

– 200-280kgs sold from 358c/kg to 541c/kg to average 459c/kg

– 280-330kgs sold from 309c/kg to 472c/kg to average 398c/kg

– 330-400kgs sold from 333c/kg to 471c/kg to average 390c/kg

– 400+ kgs sold from 363c/kg to 402c/kg to average 386c/kg

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