Opportunities, challenges, technology and marketing at Wagyu conference

Wagyu-confernce-3The Wagyu sector’s annual conference and tour is the largest conference on the beef industry calendar. Organised by the Australian Wagyu Association, it attracts between 400 and 600 attendees annually.

The annual WagyuEdge Conference and Tour is a mecca for the global Wagyu industry.  The AWA now has more than 150 international members.

Each year, a large contingent of international Wagyu breeders and supply chain representatives attend the conference, like the Wagyu sector’s leading global event.

The conference is an opportunity to bring together all components of the Wagyu sector in a forum of learning and networking to help our industry to advance Wagyu – the World’s Luxury Beef.

The Australian Wagyu sector is the leading producer and exporter of Wagyu to international high-end markets. Delegates from Australia can attend to hear speakers with a high level of expertise covering topics in Wagyu production, genetics and marketing.

DAY ONE – Tuesday 26 April

Registration desk opens midday

AWA technical update
3pm to 5pm

Session speakers
Dr Matt McDonagh, AWA CEO
Emily Rabone, AWA Marketing and Communications Manager
Laura Penrose, AWA Genetic Projects Manager


Time    6.30pm – 10pm
Venue    The Park, Albert Park Melbourne
Dress code    Smart casual

The function includes drinks and a buffet WBBC BBQ dinner featuring some of the best Wagyu in the country! (is considered to be a casual stand up dinner) and Charity Auction.

DAY TWO – Wednesday 27 April

Registration desk opens 7.30 am

SESSION 1: Australia’s position in the global Wagyu sector
8.30am to 10.35am

Peter Hughes Owner, Hughes Pastoral and Georgina Pastoral
Mark Harris Stanbroke Beef, Sales Manager
Scott Cameron Group Industry Insights and Strategy Manager, Meat and Livestock Australia

SESSION 2: Technology application in the field
11.15am to 12.45pm

Enoch Bergman Director/Veterinarian, Swan Vets
Linda Woodford Founder and CEO, AxiChain
Kerryann Kocher Chief Operating Officer, Vytelle

SESSION 3: Facing the challenges of tomorrow
1.45pm to 3.10pm

Dr David Nation Managing Director, Dairy Australia
Mick Bevea Woodland Wagyu
Dr Kenneth Olson Professor/Extension Beef Specialist, Department of Animal Science, SDSU Extension, West River Research Extension Center

SESSION 4: Opportunities for Wagyu in a carbon future
3.45pm to 5.10pm

Dr Stephen Wiedemann Principal Research Scientist, Integrity Ag & Environment
Frank Mitloehner Director, Department of Animal Science at UC Davis
Louisa Keeley Director, Carbon Farmers of Australia Pty Ltd


Time    6pm – 10pm
Venue  The Pullman Albert Park (Ballroom)
Dress code  Semi-formal/cocktail

The function includes dinner, drinks and entertainment featuring the AWA Elite Wagyu Sale.

DAY THREE – Thursday 28 April

Registration desk opens 8.30 am

SESSION 5: The international Wagyu sector perspective
9 am to 10.45am

Ken Kurosawatsu Wagyu Sekai
Gerard Hickey Firstlight Foods
Jess Edwards Wyndford Wagyu

SESSION 6: Current research in Wagyu – new traits and research Directions
11.30 am to 1 pm

Simone Rochfort Agriculture Victoria
Dr Keisuke Sasaki Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
Dr Kirsty Moore Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit

SESSION 7: Current research in Wagyu – commercial application of R&D
2 pm to 4 pm

Dr Heather Smyth University of Queensland
Sarah Stachan Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)
Aaron Van den Heuvel Carcase Camera Technician, AWA


Time    7.30pm – 11.30pm
Venue  The Pullman Albert Park (Ballroom)
Dress code Formal

The dinner includes a three-course dinner, drinks and entertainment plus the announcement of the 2022 Wagyu Branded Beef Awards