Avonlea-YF Lambda Connie tops final Celebration Sale at $24,000

A large crowd of interested Holstein breeders from throughout Australia were at the Avonlea farm, Nar Nar Goon or online via Elite watching the Final Avonlea Celebration Sale which topped at $24,000.

Sale top came early when lot 2 Avonlea-YF Lambda Connie due in the Spring to Woodman-P sold at $24,000 to the Syndicate of Gorbro Holsteins and Marshall & L Gardiner. Gorbro also teamed up with Marshall, Jim Strong & Kit Davidson to get Avonlea Pompeils Affection-Red, a super Red heifer at $17,000.

Peter Fullerton of Nirranda paid $20,000 for Avonlea Peggys Delight a daughter of an EX 92 Reginald and $19,000 for Avonlea Lambda Spot a daughter of Fairvale AJ Spot, EX 91.

Also at $20,000 was Avonlea Solomon Reba 2 backed by 3 direct EX dams, she sold to Brett Fiebig, Warrabel Holsteins, SA.

Next high of $18,000 was paid twice when Avonlea-YF Jacoby Connie sold to Staley Farms, Yarram and Avonlea Rise Arrow Amanda a grand daughter of the Sanchez Alana, EX 93 cow sold to C Cowan & S & L Coombes of NSW.

Tasmanian breeders K & T Walters & Family selected the Show Heifer Avonlea Thunderstorm Miss from an EX dam at $16,000. S & L Coombes paid $15,000 for Avonlea Denver Mary 2. Also at $15,000 was the close to calving heifer Avonlea Moovin Carolyn from an EX 91 dam selling to Andrew Pacitti, SA.

Smethurst Park Holsteins selected Avonlea Analyst Jodie-Red at $14,000 while the Jones Family of Cypress Grove Holsteins paid the same figure for Avonlea-YF Denver Mandy from an EX 93 dam.

Selling agents Dairy Livestock Services report the following averages –

47 Joined Heifers av $10,170

2 Unjoined heifers av $13,000

1 Cow at $7,000

2 Calved heifers av $6,000

52 Holsteins gross $523,000

Av $10,058

Buyers were from all parts of Vic, NSW, SA & Tasmania.

-Dairy Livestock Services