Murribrook Octane Taffy sells for $15,000 at Murribrook dispersal

Holstein enthusiasts from throughout Australia were keen to secure Murribrook Holsteins at the Dispersal Stage V at the Wagga Wagga, NSW property of Master Breeder Murray Sowter to see prices top at $15,000.

The sale top was paid for Murribrook Octane Taffy, VG 86, this 5 year old was sold carrying an embryo by Alligator from Meridian Cadence, VG and was bred from 2 gens of EX 92 dams from the famed Toni family, she was purchased by G & C Peatling of Katunga.

These same buyers also selected the next high seller Murribrook Savior Laurel, VG also carrying an embryo by Alligator from Cadence, she was from the highly regarded Lola family and sold at $13,500. The Peatlings also selected Murribrook Doorman Vivid, a rising 2 year old from Goldwyn Verbena, EX 92 at $10,000.

Top selling heifer at $13,000 was Murribrook Chief Robbie, a super correct Spring calving Chief from Talent Robbie, VG 88 back to Durham Robina, EX 92 selling to Royden Zanders of Murchison, Vic.

Western Victorian breeders R Russell and B McVilly teamed up to purchase Murribrook Unix Lola a correct heifer due to sexed Chief at $12,000.

Top selling unjoined heifer was Murribrook Lambda Coco, A2A2 with a GLPI of +3295, this daughter of Octane Candace, VG 88 sold to P & C Castles of Allansford, Vic at $11,000, these buyers paid the same money for Murribrook Unix Carla an outstanding Spring calving heifer from the high production Cassie family.

N & S Jolliffe of Wagga paid $10,000 for Murribrook Lambda Cybele a full ET sister to Lambda Coco.

South Australian breeder Brett Fiebig paid $2,800 per embryo for a package of 3 by sexed Lambda from Atwood Ivy, EX 93.

Selling agents Dairy Livestock Services report buyers were from Victoria, NSW, SA & Qld, more than 80 % of the catalogue were purchased by return Murribrook buyers.

4 Unjoined Heifers av $8,625

22 Joined Heifers av $7,591

12 Cows av $5,667

I Embryo Package at 8,400

39 lots av $7,125

Also of note were the semen sales, Godwyn at $375, Solomon at $250, Comestar Leader at $200 and Hanover Hill Raider at $125

-Dairy Livestock Services