Waste wool being up cycled into fertiliser supplements

These products are the first of their kind to be made of amino acids extracted from upcycled waste wool.

Veratin Limited, a multi-industry manufacturing company with a suite of products made from upcycled waste wool, has launched two new products for its Verigrow range including a biodegradable pot, Verigrow Pot, and a fertiliser supplement, Verigrow Supplement. 

Verigrow Pot uses a novel biodegradable material that acts as food as it decomposes, helping plants get the nutrients they need as they are placed in the ground. 

Verigrow Supplement compliments the company’s existing range liquid fertiliser and soil improver products by acting as an all-purpose product containing a balanced blend of macro (except phosphorus) and micronutrients, and trace elements. 

Veratin created the Verigrow liquid fertiliser and soil improver range through the green chemistry process by extracting amino acids from upcycled waste wool, making it the first of its kind. 

Verigrow is also one of the greenest organic fertilisers in the market, as the amino acids present reduces the need for high levels of phosphorus and potassium by some 25%-30%, and it uses less units of nitrogen than other organic fertilisers, reducing the environmental footprint of the product. 

Veratin’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Dr Ramiz Boulos, said that amnio acids are part of the building blocks of life. 

“Amino acids are molecules used to make proteins for living beings, your body needs them to function, and they are usually obtained through consumption of food in humans. In plants, they are manufactured in an energy-intensive process utilising the nutrients available in the soil, carbon and oxygen from the air and hydrogen from the water as the base. Supplementing plants with amino acids save them energy which they can use for other purposes, which is why the development of the Verigrow biodegradable pot and supplements are so important. 

“These products are the first of their kind to be made of amino acids extracted from upcycled waste wool, and the use of amnio acids to act as sources of growth reduce the need for high levels of fertilisers, reducing environmental damage. Verigrow Pot also helps the environment by reducing the need for plastic, which aligns with our environmentally conscious customers. 

“Veratin is ideally placed to meet the growing market and regulatory demand for sustainable products that naturally fit into the circular economy, as its products use upcycled materials, support biodiversity, and reduce the need for harmful plastics.”