Eclipse Moon D7 Princess tops Holstein sale at Shepparton at $23,000

The Eclipse sale sold 44 cows for an average of $6,775.

Holstein breeders from around Australia were keen to secure the fine uddered offering at the recent Eclipse Sensation V111 Sale held at Shepparton for Master Breeder Richard Hull.

Sale top of $23,000 was paid for the recently scored VG 86 2 year old Eclipse Moovin D7 Princess 1.

This 9th gen EX & VG heifer with gPTAT +3.02 sold to W, J & M Brown of Tamworth, NSW.

The same buyers also selected Eclipse Jagger Unstop Princess 11 with a gPTAT of + 3.53 at $10,000.

Second top of the sale was the exceptional red heifer, Eclipse Moovin D August 11-Red, calved three days this correct heifer is from a VG Diamondback then 9 generations all EX from the famed August/Apple line.

She was purchased by Smethurst Park Holsteins, Athlone at $18,000. These buyers also selected Eclipse Jagger Imelda 1, a fresh heifer just scored VG from the Global Cow of the year Imelda line at $14,000, they also secured the package of embryos from Budjon-Vail DL Alabama at $2,100 each.

Long time Eclipse buyers S & L Coombes of Tamworth, NSW purchased Eclipse Mirand August 11-Poll, VG 86, 2 yo at $12,500, Eclipse Jagger Unstop Princess 111, VG 86, 2 yo at $10,500 and Eclipse Royal Imelda, VG 87 at $10,500.

Fleming P/Ship of Boorcan paid $12,000 for the just classified VG 85 2 year old. Eclipse Moovin A Princess with a gPTAT +3.37. Also at $12,000 was the tremendous young cow Eclipse Awesome Lotto, VG 87 selling to M & F Harvey of Katunga.

Selling agents Dairy Livestock Services report buyers were from all parts of Victoria, NSW and SA.

44 Cows av $6,775 and 22 Embryos av $1475