Phil Daniel and Bryan Dickson appointed to Holstein Australia board

Bryan Dickson, owns Emu Banks Holsteins.

Holstein Australia has announced the appointment of new directors, Phil Daniel and Bryan Dickson, to the Holstein Australia Board, following a nomination and election process held during December 2023.

New director, Phil Daniel owns Cleveland Holsteins in Northern Victoria, operating a 180-cow herd housed all year round in a barn and fed total mixed ratio on an adjacent feedpad.

This intensive system sees the cows averaging 10,500 litres and 700kg of milk solids.

As a Holstein breeder, Phil is firmly grounded in commercial reality; he wants to breed long-lasting, profitable cows, with a focus on balanced and functional type, particularly around udders and rumps.

Phil has been actively involved in the Northern Victoria Sub Branch for the past 5 years, including 3 of those as President, along with serving on the Holstein Australia Breed Development and Conformation Committee (BDCC) from 2021-2023.

Bryan Dickson, owns Emu Banks Holsteins with wife Jo, in the Western district of Victoria, running 750 milkers on a regime of pasture, silage and grain. Regarding the future of the Holstein breed in Australia, Bryan’s thoughts are pretty clear, “We’ve got to be commercially orientated and have to build or optimise a functional cow.”

Bryan joined the BDCC in mid-2022 and is also actively involved in the Western District Sub Branch, which recently included driving the relaunch of the Western Districts Youth Camp at Noorat.

Having switched from a cross-bred herd to pure-bred Holsteins in 2002, Bryan became an early adopter of genomics, having used it successfully in the family business over a number of years. Bryan and Jo also classify 100% of their herd, “whether good, bad or indifferent.”

Both Phil and Bryan have been elected to serve 3-year terms which expire at the 2026 Annual General Meeting.

-Holstein Australia