Conventional and sexed Holstein and Jersey semen in demand from Pakistan

In a testament to the increasing demand for Australian genetics in Pakistan’s agricultural landscape, a fresh shipment embarked on its journey last month.

Boasting an extensive dossier of health testing and documentation spanning nearly 900 A4 pages, the consignment is set to make a significant impact.

The shipment includes both conventional and sexed Holstein and Jersey semen sourced from top-rated bulls. This strategic selection aims to cater to the diverse preferences and breeding objectives of Pakistani farmers, reflecting the commitment to enhancing livestock quality in the region.

Prepared well in advance of the approaching Pakistani winter, the timing aligns with the peak mating season from December through to February.

This foresight ensures that farmers in Pakistan have access to premium genetic resources precisely when needed, optimizing the breeding process for optimal results.

Australian genetics have gained prominence globally for their proven track record in improving livestock quality and enhancing overall herd performance.

The decision by Pakistani farmers to invest in these genetics underscores the recognition of the value they bring to the local agricultural sector.

As the agricultural landscape continues to evolve in Pakistan, partnerships and collaborations with global leaders in genetics, such as Australia, play a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable and productive farming practices.

The arrival of this latest shipment marks another milestone in the flourishing relationship between Australian genetics and the agricultural community in Pakistan.

Genetics Australia is proud to partner with our Pakistani distributor HRM Dairies to deliver elite Australian bovine genetics to Pakistan.

-Genetics Australia