Cattle Australia calls for safe re-export fo cattle on board MV Bahija

Cattle Australia is calling on the Federal Government to ensure the safe re-export of the livestock recently returned to Australia on the MV Bahijah.

Anchored off the West Australian coast since Monday afternoon, the livestock aboard the vessel have now been inspected by two independent veterinarians and were found to be healthy, with no welfare concerns.

CA Chief Executive Officer and respected veterinarian, Dr Chris Parker, said the regulator needs to ensure a decision is made quickly to manage this unfortunate set of circumstances.

“It is time, after a significant delay, the regulator finds a quick resolution to this mess,” Dr Parker said.

“CA understands there is a market willing to take these animals, and our clear preference is that the animals stay on the vessel.

“We support any actions that would ensure the safe re-export of the livestock, while ensuring strict biosecurity measures are maintained.”

CA is urging the Federal Government to work expeditiously with the exporter to re-provision the vessel, ensure it is loaded appropriately, and get it on its way to its original destination.

“In doing so, the Government must address any biosecurity risks associated with any livestock that may unload as part of this process,” Dr Parker said.

“Let’s get on with this, for the welfare of the animals, for maintaining Australia’s strict biosecurity measures, and for the good of our trading reputation.”