Agtech innovations driving the future of Wagyu on agenda at conference

The annual International WagyuEdge Conference, hosted by the Australian Wagyu Association in Cairns, the ‘gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef,’ will begin from April 10 to 12, 2024.

Run over three days and nights, our speakers will cover important topics such as the challenges to a new age for Wagyu, the changing face of Northern Australian beef production, advances in rumen methane management and Wagyu and worldwide Wagyu, AgTech innovations driving Wagyu’s future, developing global demand and market and consumer dynamics.

Preliminary Program

Day one  ~   Wednesday 10 April

Daytime sessions
AWA Member Information Session +
Session 1 – Challenges to a New Age for Wagyu including guest speaker, Simon Quilty

Evening event
2024 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition Awards dinner

Day two  ~   Thursday 11 April

Daytime sessions
Session 2
Changing Face of the Northern Australian Beef Production including guest speakers Troy Setter and David Foote, Session 3 World Wide Wagyu including guest speakers Dave Dreiling and Richard Saunders, Session 4Advances in Rumen Methane including guest speakers Dr Fran Cowley, Prof Richard Eckard and Bobby Miller and Session 5 AgTech Innovations driving Wagyu’s Future

Evening event
2024 Elite Wagyu Sale and Cocktail event

Day three  ~   Friday 12 April

Daytime sessions
Session 6
Developing Global Demand, Session 7Market and Consumer Dynamics including guest speakers Doug McNichol, Maeve Webster and Angus Gidley-Baird and Session 8Future Breed Leaders including guest speakers Reid Smith and Jack Sher.

Evening event
2024 Wagyu Industry Dinner 

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