Gorbro Unlucky Jodie wins grand champion at International Dairy Week

Gorbro Unlucky Jodie emerged from the intermediate class to win grand champion at the 2nd National Red & White Holstein Show at International Dairy Week 2024 – with Nico Bons from the Netherlands overseeing the show.

While not the biggest show in terms of numbers, the quality of cows exhibited throughout the show was strong throughout.

Class winners:

Winter Calf: Lightning Ridge SM Altitude Jodie-Red (Declan Patten)

Autumn Calf: Cherrylock Tequila Tim Tam-Red-Imp-ET (RK & SJ Goode)

Spring Yearling: Avalon Mandate Drama (Avalon Holsteins)

Winter Yearling: Lightning Ridge Analyst Siren-Red (Declan Patten, Frank & Diane Borba and TR Investments)

Autumn Yearling: Eclipse Moovin AJ Princess-Red-ET (Eclipse Genetics)

Junior Champion (Genetics Australia): Cherrylock Tequila Tim Tam-Red-ET (RK & SJ Goode)

Reserve Junior Champion: Lightning Ridge Analyst Siren-ET (Patten, Borba, TR Investments)

Honourable Mention Junior Champion: Avalon Mandate Drama (Avalon Holsteins)