Eligible saleyards can access a further $1.4 million in funds for transition to eID

The NSW Government has committed a further $1.4 million to support eligible saleyards in their preparations for Sheep & Goat electronic identification (eID).

The NSW Government previously announced a $38 million support package for producers, agents, saleyards and processors. This package supported the industry-wide transition and implementation of NSW’s robust biosecurity measures.

Round one of the NSW Sheep and Goat eID Infrastructure Rebate saw 30 applications received, and $5 million approved for saleyards, out of the Saleyards funding stream.

This has supported the delivery of vital eID infrastructure that is right now being rolled out in saleyards across the state.

The NSW Government remains committed to working closely with saleyard operators and owners to facilitate a smooth transition towards eID implementation.

This additional funding will allow saleyards to ensure that their eID infrastructure is fit for purpose before the implementation of mandatory eID on January 1 2025.

Our farmers’ export price premium is underpinned by our biosecurity standards. The rollout of sheep and goat eID will protect our export markets and our flocks.

The grant will open Monday, 29 April 2024 and closes Monday, 3 June 2024.

Previous saleyard applicants from the recent Sheep and Goat eID Infrastructure Rebate Scheme are encouraged to sign up to the Sheep and Goat eID newsletter to receive further updates.

For more information, visit the DPI website.

Key dates for mandatory eID for sheep and farmed goats in NSW

  • 30 June 2024
    • Mandatory processor eID scanning and upload.
  • 1 January 2025
    • Mandatory eID for all sheep and farmed goats born from this date, prior to leaving property of birth.
    • Mandatory eID scanning and upload by saleyards and depots.
    • Mandatory eID property-to-property transfers.
  • 1 January 2027
    • Mandatory eID for all sheep and farmed goats prior to leaving any property.

Minister for Agriculture, Tara Moriarty said the NSW Government knows sheep and farmed goat saleyards across the State will need to complete some significant improvements to infrastructure to be ready for mandatory eID from 1 January 2025.

“I’m pleased that a further rebate from our $38 million commitment to the sheep and goat industry can be utilised by saleyards to be prepared for this important milestone in NSW’s eID implementation plan,” she said.

“This additional program for eligible saleyards reflects how the government is continually collaborating with the industry to transition to mandatory eID in sheep and goats, we will continue to work closely with industry to achieve this supply chain transition.

“The NSW Government is committed to maintaining our strong biosecurity record, demonstrated by our financial support for sheep and farmed goat eID – the largest of any jurisdiction in Australia.”