Commercial drone adoption due to skyrocket to 60 million flights a year by 2043

Sphere Drones has announced its flight operations team has been granted a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Area Approval for its site near Wagga Wagga (NSW) by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

The BVLOS approval perfectly positions Sphere Drones to help accelerate commercial drone adoption by businesses across Australia, which is due to skyrocket to 60 million flights each year by 2043.

This significant regulatory milestone marks Sphere Drones’ first BVLOS Area Approval, allowing the business to demonstrate its BVLOS drone operations for customers, whilst further testing and developing its innovative HubX platform.

Paris Cockinos, CEO of Sphere Drones shared, “We’re proud of the dedication and effort the team has invested in regulatory and licensing work over the past few years, as well as their success in developing HubX to a stage where it met the requirements to gain approval. It’s truly a testament to our team’s focus and hard work.”

What does this mean for industries across Australia?

One of the most significant benefits of this approval is the ability for teams to conduct operations across the BVLOS area without the need for spotters or trained observers on-site as required for EVLOS / VLOS operations. This is all made possible by HubX, being an off-grid enabled, self-sustaining and rugged mobile drone platform.

In addition, it provides businesses from a broad range of industries including mining, agribusiness, utilities, emergency services, construction and many more with a highly supported pathway to adopt BVLOS operations quickly, serving as a crucial stepping stone towards conducting complex BVLOS missions. Increased BVLOS operations will act as a conduit for broader use of commercial drones in surveying operations, providing businesses with substantial efficiency gains and cost savings.

Elliot Cummins, Chief Remote Pilot of Sphere Drones said, “It’s a big step to obtain your first BVLOS approval which includes extensive processes and procedures to prove safety and sufficiency in your technology solutions and redundancies.

“It’s fantastic news for us as a business, our clients and the wider industry. We’re proud to have achieved this approval, it’s the first of many to come.”

In addition to operational advancements, the BVLOS approval paves the way for the development and deployment of HubX for an extended duration. This includes establishing a permanent demonstration site and completing comprehensive testing, showcasing the full capabilities of Sphere Drones’ technology and operational expertise.

This milestone is not just a win for Sphere Drones, it represents a significant advancement for Drone-in-a-Box solutions across Australia as a whole. By pioneering BVLOS operations through HubX, Sphere Drones continues to lead from the front when it comes to unlocking the full potential of drone technology while setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and innovation.

It’s important to note that the current BVLOS approval does not extend to Remote Operations Centre (ROC) BVLOS operations. However, the Sphere Drones team are currently working towards incorporating a ROC into their BVLOS operations by the end of 2024.

If you are interested in learning more about BVLOS and how HubX can streamline your remote drone operations, head to Sphere Drones’ website and watch the recent HubX webinar on Breaking Down the Barriers of Remote Drone Operations.

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