Rockvale Pet 5673 makes sale top of $4250 at Jersey heifer sale

Buyers from all parts of Victoria, the Far South Coast of NSW and Qld were buying throughout the recent Rockvale and Elms Park Jersey heifer sale at Colac.

Sale top of $4,250 was paid for Rockvale Pet 5673, a Casino daughter selling to A & S Chant.

Next high of $4,000 was reached twice when F Woods of Qld selected 2 heifers both by Vanahlem in Rockvale Buttercup 5658 from a VG Oliver-P dam and Rockvale Dainty Lass 5683.

The Camo Jersey herd of the Hallyburton Family paid $3,750 for Rockvale Illusion 5667 an Altacajun daughter. C Davis of Gippsland paid $3,700 for Rockvale Fairlady 5660 a David daughter.

Worboys Farming Group of Cobden purchased Elms Park Matt Gran 654 a Matt daughter for $2,800 and Elms Park Dusty 699 at $2,700.

Gippsland breeder W Lace selected Elms Park Grant Gran 652 from an EX 90 Casino dam at $2750.

Selling agents Dairy Livestock Services and Charles Stewart & Co report 77 Jersey Heifers av $2,556.