Australian Livestock Exporters Council announces fight to beat “deeply unjust plan”

The Australian Livestock Exporters Council is sending a clear message to farmers in Western Australia as well as to the Albanese Government – We’re not going anywhere!

This announcement comes as the Australian agriculture industry is still reeling from Minister Watt’s announcement that the government intends to follow through with its ideological and activist-led ban on live sheep exports.

“Australian live sheep exporters will continue to operate uninterrupted over the next four years and into the future,” said ALEC CEO Mark Harvey-Sutton.

“Currently we are facing unprecedented demand from our long-term trading partners in the Middle East, contrary to what Minister Watt is saying about the decline in the live sheep trade. They value the quality of Australian sheep and the role we can play in delivering their food security.”

“Our trading partners have been left extremely dismayed by this diplomatic affront from the Australian Government but have made it very clear they will continue to seek Australian sheep well into the future.”

“We also understand the vital role our industry plays in the economy of WA in providing much needed market options to farmers and they need to know that this will continue.”

“We fully expect that the Albanese Government is hoping that the industry will dwindle in light of announcing this misguided ban. However, we are making it very clear that we are not going anywhere, and that we will do everything in our power to fight this deeply unjust ban.”

“WA Farmers need to know we have their backs.”