Funding of $13.1 million will help control explosion in feral pig numbers

NSW Farmers says an additional $13.1 million in the State Budget will help tackle surging feral pig numbers.

The funding announcement came as farmers across the state reported a sharp increase in feral pig numbers, which were causing major damage and posing a huge biosecurity risk.

“These nasty animals are the size of massive footballers, and they charge through paddocks and national parks trashing production and damaging the environment,” NSW Farmers President Xavier Martin said.

“Not only are they causing major damage, they’re superspreaders of disease and reproduce at an alarming rate so we need to step up the cull and break the breeding cycle and this government funding is part of that.

“Government support for baiting, trapping and aerial shooting of feral pigs has been welcomed and has made a dent in the pig population, but we’ve still got millions of them continuing to run amok on agricultural land.”

Mr Martin thanked NSW Agriculture Minister Tara Moriarty for securing the $945 million investment in biosecurity over the coming four years, and said it would encourage farmers to continue their efforts.

“Agriculture is a major economic driver in rural and regional communities, and strong biosecurity is a key part of supporting this important sector,” Mr Martin said.

“But we know farmers aren’t just a faceless industry, they’re the people who pull on their boots every day to produce food and fibre to feed and clothe the nation.

“Ongoing efforts to support farmers are ultimately good for everyone.”

-NSW Farmers