Brookbora Casino Sandy tops Brookbora 60th anniversary sale at $30,000

Dairy producers from all over Australia and New Zealand were at Tennyson for the Brookbora 60th Anniversary Edition Invitation Sale hosted by Master Breeders, the Bacon Family to see a top price of $30,000.

Sale top was buyers choice Lot 1 A & B at $30,000 with the buyer John Lindsay of Hastings Jerseys of Huntingdon, NSW selecting Brookbora Casino Sandy, EX 92.

This 5 year old sold due in September to Bushfield and had won Reserve Champion cow NSW State Show last Spring.

This same buyer also selected Brookbora Dainty 310, EX 93, a 5 yo completing 7th generations EX at $15,000 and Brookbora Standard Lady 324, EX 91 by Casino at $10,000.

Second high of the sale was Brookbora Golden Glory 194, EX 92 at $18,500, this wonderful cow from the show team sold to Ashtaney Jerseys, the Koch Family of Moculta, South Australia.

The current Intermediate Champion form the Gippsland Fair, Brookbora Oliver Sleeping Beauty 3, EX 90 sold for $16,000 to Craigielea Jerseys of Bamawn.

The number 1 gBPI heifer in the Breed Craigielea Vicky 6682 at +458, a daughter of the # 1 BPI cow also sold at $16,000 to Jugiong Jerseys and Dr M Crawford. The outstanding young cow Brookbora Askn Countess 2, VG 88 Max sold at $14,500 to Rockstar Jerseys of Cobargo, NSW.

Reid and Egan selected Brookbora Golden Glory 197, EX 91, a recent Show Champion at $14,000. The Western Victorian bred cow Lerida Park Matt Sabina 73, EX 91, Max also sold at $14,000 from the Smethurst family, Princetown to Brookbora Jerseys. The same buyers also selected Shirlinn Roulette Dawn 2, a winner from Sydney Royal Show at $11,000.

Araluen Park Starlord Molly 2, a tremendous uddered young cow with a BPI of +371 sold a/c Saunders & Day at $13,000 to G & N Akers, Loxleigh Jerseys, Tallygaroopna. Also at $13,000 was the extra milky young cow Jackiah Victorious Silverbelle 3196, EX a/c S Reid selling to the Watts Family of Pyree, NSW. The same buyers also purchased  Brookbora Love Lies 839, a VG 87 2 year old with over 400 kgs fat at $12,000 and Warrion Canary 356 a great young cow by Jeronimo at $10,000 from Sara Chant.

R & K Anderson of Kings Ville Jerseys purchased the much admired young cow Langdale Grant Rosella backed by decades of EX dams at $12,000 from D & A Mathews. Also at $12,000 was the unjoined heifer Brookbora Woodside Charo selling to R Wilson of Jamber Jerseys, NSW.

Marks Bros of Winvarl Jerseys, NSW selected the great young cow Brookbora Craze Flora, EX 90 at $10,000. Jugiong Jerseys purchased Brookbora Love Lies 804 a 6th gen EX 4 year old also at $10,000.

The famous Canadian Avonlea herd added Brookbora Love Lies 900-P, a daughter of the EX 94 Love Lies 723 to their program also at $10,000.

Selling agents Dairy Livestock Services report buyers were from all States except WA along with Canada.

Presentation of the sale lots and sale facilities were simply outstanding and a great credit to all involved.

The Brookbora Sale will go down in history as one of the great Jersey events of all time in Australia.

They report the following details –28 Cows av $10,445, 16 Joined Heifers av $6,625, 24 Unjoined Heifers av $5,250, 2 Unborn Calves av $6,100 and 70 Jerseys gross $531,800.