Cream of the Crop sale tops at $18,500 to International buyer

The Cream Of The Crop Sale was held online via Stocklive with a top of $18,500 for the 2nd Choice selection of calves due in July from the 2022 and 23 Grand Champion of the All American Jersey Show, Rivendale VIP Eloise, EX 93 selling to John Tarpey of Ireland.

Next top of $14,500 was for the 1st Choice of calves due in October by Alligator from Miss Lambda Footloose inturn from the WDE Grand Champion Oakfield Solomon Footloose, EX 97 selling to A & C Coombes of Long Flat, NSW.

Lightning Ridge TR Hulu Snapple-Red,  a 3 month old heifer sold at $7,250 to J Tarpey, Ireland.

K & T Walters and Family of Kindred, Tasmania selected the Jan 2024 born Kit Chief Candace 2, a daughter of Murribrook Doorman Candace, EX 91 at $7,000.

Also at $7,000 was Lightning Ridge MB Casino Love Lies, a daughter of the EX 93 Jersey cow Brookbora PGR Valentino Love Lies selling to C Davis of Longwarry North.

Top selling embryos at $1,600 per embryo were Jaggers from Murribrook Goldwyn Candace, EX 93 to J Cawcutt of Ripplebrook.

Selling agents Dairy Livestock Services report 21 lots av $7,085.