Eclipse Altitude D August-Red tops Eclipse sale at $15,000

A wonderful offering of mostly milking young cows supported by a select group of yearlings and embryo packages offered by Master Breeder Richard Hull met strong demand from throughout Victoria, NSW, SA and WA with a large number going to repeat Eclipse buyers.

Sale top of $15,000 was paid by long time Eclipse buyers S & L Coombes of Attunga, NSW when they purchased Eclipse Altitude D August-Red, VG 87. This 2nd lactation fine uddered cow was from a VG 89 dam then 9 gens of EX and promises a great future for her new owners. These buyers also selected Eclipse Kingdoc Frosty a recently scored EX 90 member of the Roy Frosty family at $7,600 along with several other fine young cows.

Second top of $13,000 was the amazing uddered young cow Eclipse Moovin S Cinderella, VG 88 backed by the Roxy family, she sold to D Walters of Mepunga East who already owns her EX 90 dam.

Next top of $11,000 was reached twice when Eclipse Jagger Adeena, VG 86 on 1st lact sold to View Fort Holsteins of Dixie.

While the cover cow Eclipse Jagger 09 Princess 11, VG 87 on 1st lact made same money selling to Ravenhill Pastoral of Narrikup, WA. These buyers also purchased the top embryo package at $1350 per embryo for 6 Praspects from Murribrook Octane Candace, VG 88.

J Hand of Larpent paid $9,000 for the great young cow Eclipse Altitude Jenn, VG 89 and R Zanders selected Eclipse Moovin Alt Princess 111-Red at $7,250.

Top selling unjoined heifer at $6,000 was the stylish Eclipse Wichman Cindy 9901, a daughter of the Moovin S Cinderella, VG 88 cow, she went to the high performance Gorbro herd.

Selling agents Dairy Livestock Services report the following –38 Cows & Milking Heifers av $5,346, 12 Unjoined yearling heifers av $3,566, 6 Embryo packages av $5,533 and 4 Straws of Moovin sold at $300 each.